The new candidate to stay with Deshaun Watson in the NFL


Deshaun Watson’s novel with Houston Texans is long and complicated, the only certainty is that his future in the NFL will be with another team or it will not be.

Deshaun Watson against Miami Dolphins. (Photo: Getty Images)


Deshaun Watson against Miami Dolphins. (Photo: Getty Images)

One of the most controversial novels that the NFL at present, it is that of Deshaun watson. The player will not continue in Houston Texans and looking for a new team from the beginning of the offseason. Now, it seems that a new candidate has come to light.

The Miami dolphins have emerged as the main candidates in transfer discussions with the Texans to stay with the quarterback, according to the reporter from Yahoo! Sports, Charles Robinson.

The big problem with acquiring Watson is that the player currently has 22 active reports of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior. Ten women have also declared criminal complaints to him. Eight of them are part of the complainants.

Reason why Miami Dolphins are candidates

The QB has a clause that allows you to approve or disapprove the destinations you can go to, so other interested parties such as Denver Broncos, Carolina panthers and Philadelphia Eagles They are not recognized as they were not approved by the player himself.

(Photo: @CharlesRobinson)

One of the teams that ended the negotiations leaked that the Texans are asking for three first-round picks and two second-round picks to win the three-time Pro-Bowl. In addition to that, the teams have been protecting the picks they offer to prevent against a potential suspension or criminal prosecution against the quarterback that is investigated by the FBI and Texas police.

Tua Tagovailoa. (Photo: Getty)

The Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa in the fifth position of the 2020 Draft, but his first year was not so promising. With the desire to win now, a player like Watson, who achieved 4,823 yards, 70.2% completions and 33 touchdowns last year, I would elevate them to immediate candidates in the AFC.

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