The list of highest paid sports: soccer is not in the top 3



The sports form an important part for the fans who every eight days look forward to seeing the best players, basketball players, baseball players, pilots, among others.

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But have you ever wondered what the sport is that best pays its athletes, many might think that soccer leagues give athletes the highest salaries.


Despite having the best players in the world selling thousands of shirts and is considered the most popular sport with salaries of more than 50 million dollars.

Although without counting that the average salary of the best league, the Premier League, is 1.6 million. The 10 best leagues in the world are: 1.- La Liga, 2.- Premier League, 3.- Brazilian Championship Series A, 4.- Series A, 5.- Bundesliga, 6.- Professional Football League, 7.- League 1, 8.- Liga Dimayor, 9.- Liga NOS and 10-. First Cup.


One of the toughest sports that has a lot of fans is undoubtedly the NFL and it is the fourth best paid and in recent years it has managed to have the best television ranking and is the most popular in the United States. It is full of stars and has 32 teams divided into two divisions.

Currently Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl rings, at the end of the 2021 season he announced his retirement, being one of the best paid. The monthly salary of a player is 2 million of dollars.

Top five NFL rosters: 1.- Dallas Cowboy, 2.- Cleveland Browns, 3.- New England Patriots, 4.- Green Bay Packers, 5.- Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


This sport is the third highest paid in the world with a median salary of $2.58 million dollars.

Although the numbers are not close to the NFL or football in having fewer players on their teams and there are few teams in the league, lor that causes the average salary to be higher than other sports having exorbitant salaries.

1- New York Rangers $1,650 million, 2- Toronto Maple Leafs $1.5 billion, 3- Montreal Canadiens $1.34 billion, 4- Chicago Blackhawks $1.085 million, 5- Boston Bruins $1 billion.


Being an extremely popular sport in the United States and with a large audience in Japan it is the sport with the best salaries in the world, the average salary is too high with $3.82 million dollars, since its players earn more with sponsors.

The five highest ninths are: 1.- Los Angeles Dodgers $274 million, 2.- New York Mets $251 million, 3.- New York Yankees $239 million4.- Philadelphia Phillies $221 million and 5.- San Diego Padres $198 million dollars.


basketball is the sport With the best salaries in the world, NBA basketball players receive stratospheric figures and also get salaries in the form of sponsors, more than in any other sport. The average salary of a basketball player is $5 million dollars.

The NBA has 30 teams. In two conferences, the most expensive roster is without a doubt the Golden State Warriors at $185.5 million, 2.- Brooklyn Nets at $178.8 million, 3.- Los Angeles Clippers at $169 million, 4.- Los Angeles Lakers at $164 million and 5. – Milwaukee Bucks with $160 million.


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The list of highest paid sports: soccer is not in the top 3