The ‘Leo Messi Stadium’: a tribute to the Argentine that has gone viral on networks

Leo Messi can show off many recognitions and awards throughout his career: six Ballon d’Or awards, awards for the best scorer, the best player in Lto League, Olympic medals … even be champion of the America Cup, a title that he so longed for with his selection. However, the last thank you from a fanatic it has gone viral on social media. The construction of the ‘Leo Messi Stadium’.

Located in the Argentine city of Mendoza, a thousand kilometers from his rosary native, It has no lighting, no grass, no measures or regulatory gatekeepers, quite the opposite. It is a ‘field’ of land, at the top of the Andes mountain ranges, where the ball can go any direction if you drive it and where Leo Messi, in his childhood, already dribbled rivals with astonishing ease. A return to the past.

The idea was from an Argentine chef

The idea was from Francisco Javier Guardiola. Who is not, by any means, a relative of the Spanish technicianHe, but a chef from Mendoza, who wanted to pay tribute to the Argentine player building this stadium that bears his name. Of course the views of the stadium are enviable. Its main objective is that Leo Messi knows it and already caught the attention of Ibai Llanos, who responded to a tweet from the daughter of Francisco Javier Guardiola.

Francisco’s daughter, Maca, made use of the networks to publicize the Leo Messi Stadium:My old man sent a football stadium in the middle of the mountain (Mendoza, Argentina) and named it stadium Leo Messi. I need you to see it please it’s my old man’s dream“. “I think that this It is a better tribute than the one that Barcelona made him“, he also said.

“I wanted to do a little tribute to someone who gave us a lot of joy and he is a participant in history, not only in football but in art. It was my simple tribute, almost secret, but my daughters made this news that went around the world “, cont Guardiola to the newspaper Ol.