The key points in the history of Tecatito Corona and his pass to Sevilla

ESPN shows you the complete panorama on the negotiations between Seville, Porto, Twente and the Mexican, so that it reaches Spanish football

The Mexican footballer, Jesús Corona, could define his future in the next few days with Sevilla interested in taking over his services, but the denials between Porto and the Spanish club would be stopped by the percentage of the sale that belongs to the first team of ‘Tecatito‘in the Old Continent

ESPN Digital presents the key points to consider in the history of Crown and his pass to Seville:

1. Closed other options

According to Sports stadium, several Serie A clubs are interested in the services of ‘Tecatito’, however, the Mexican has told his representatives that his goal is to sign with Sevilla, so he asked them not to start conversations with other teams.

On the other hand, the Sevillian team maintains its desire to sign Corona before the transfer window ends and thanks to the money it has received from the LaLiga agreement with an investment fund, the Iberian team can pay for its transfer.

2. It is a priority for Seville, at the request of Lopetegui

The former Rayados de Monterrey player lived with Julen Lopetegui for only a few months when they both met at Porto, but in a short time The Aztec managed to impress the Spanish coach to the point of insisting on his signing since he arrived on the bench in Seville.

With money in their coffers and the need for Porto to sell this summer, the Mexican, in the face of his refusal to renew his bond, seems that Lopetegui could finally have Corona in his squad.

3. Accelerated your naturalization

As did his former teammate and compatriot Héctor Herrera prior to his signing with Atlético de Madrid in 2019, Corona accelerated his naturalization process to avoid occupying a foreign position in the Old Continent and thus increase his chances of signing with another club.

Through his official Instagram account, Jesús shared his Lusitanian passport with his followers and got it after six years in the Los Dragones squad.

4. He would sacrifice the 3 percent that he has of the transfer

According to various reports, ‘Tecatito ‘would have decided to give up the percentage of money that he would have if he went to Seville so that the operation can be carried out this summer.

Corona would be aware that emigrating to Spain and playing for Sevillano would mean an important step at the sporting level for his career, so the economic issue at this time would not be his priority.

5. What really hinders it is the percentage to Twente

Jesus’ first club in Europe was Twente and the Dutch club kept more than 30% of his pass when he sold it to Porto in 2015 to secure money from a future sale, which is about to be finalized with Sevilla willing to pay between 12 and 13 million euros.

And it would be precisely the part of the signing that would correspond to Twente that would be stopping the negotiations because Porto does not want to receive less than 12 million, so Seville would have to increase its offer to reach an agreement with the Dutch squad.