The Kaizen methodology, one of the keys to the Bills this season

Jordan Poyer acknowledges that Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott wants the team to be consistent

I had the opportunity to talk with the All Pro safety and captain of the buffalo bills, Jordan Powerwho has had very good performances in the first two games of his team this seasonas he has two interceptions, first against the defending NFL champions, Los Angeles Rams, and recently against the Tennessee Titans.

The team’s actions have been overwhelming, since the offense has already added 62 points and the defense has only allowed 17, with a difference of 45 points. And to reach this level, especially defensively, they owe it to two main factors: the coach Sean McDermott and his Kaizen methodologyand that they must face one of the best quarterbacks in the league in training like Josh Allen.

And it is that the field marshal of the Bills He already has seven touchdown passes and a touchdown on the ground at the start of the season 2022 NFL. In his previous two seasons he had 71 touchdown passes and 14 carries into the end zone. In the 2020 campaign he was the fifth most touchdown passing quarterback, while in 2021 he finished seventh in the league.

This makes him a danger for anyone, both for his rivals and for his own teammates, who have to face him in every training session, but this only makes them better, as he told us. powerwho not only praised the quarterback but also the players who accompany him on offense, who together put together one of the most dangerous aerial attacks in the best sports league in the world.

“Obviously Josh is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he’s capable of throwing the ball anywhere, from anywhere, at any time; he can run like he knows how to run between the players or around them. But you also have to face to the talent on that side of the ball, a very good offensive line, with one of the best receivers in the game as he is [Stefon] Diggs and a really promising star like Gabe Davis.

“They’re one of the best groups at those positions in the league, so you’re not going to get a better view of them. There’s a lot of rivalry between offense and defense during practice, but it’s good because it makes each of us better.” the safety of buffalo.

Stefon Diggs blew up against the Titans by getting three touchdowns through the air, finishing with an 80 percent receiving percentage. They are definitely one of the most dangerous offenses in the league and have shown it in their first two matchups.

what is the method kaizen?

Jordan Power He also told us about Kaizen-method that the team’s head coach is implementing, Sean McDermottwhich is a model of constant growth that applies to various aspects of life, be it sports, business, professional, etc.

“It’s basically continuous growth. Coach puts this chart up for us in our room and it has a line through the center of the chart, then a wavy line. Basically we don’t want to be on this line with ups and downs during the season and the parties, we want to be consistent and constantly growing. It’s constantly trying to be better, doing whatever it takes to help the team win games. It helps us to avoid being complacent, not to remain satisfied or indifferent to the results or when we lose”, explained the captain of the Bills.

Going a little deeper into this topic, the Kaizen philosophy It is a system of continuous improvement, as it is well mentioned powerin which through small but constant actions focused on improvement, they bring great benefits in the medium and long term.

The following matches of the Bills They will be against their division rival, the Miami Dolphins, and later they will face the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, where they will have to continue showing the high level they have taught us so far.

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The Kaizen methodology, one of the keys to the Bills this season