The details of some unstoppable Eagles

12/06/2022 at 11:50 a.m.


Those from Philadelphia added their eleventh victory of the season against Tennessee in a match where the Eagles overwhelmed the rival defense through the air and ended up scoring 35 points on the scoreboard

Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown, the two attacking leaders of this team, were once again at a stellar level and are established as one of the best pairs in the entire NFL

The eagles They grow by leaps and bounds as the playoffs approach, and their latest victory against the Tennessee Titans has meant a blow to the table for the rest of the teams in the league. nflwho see in Philadelphia a clear candidate for the ring of champion.

No one expected that the team led by Nick Sirianni maintained a record of eleven victories and only one loss at the beginning of December of this year, a team that entered this season with doubts in the quarterback position and that ended last season with eight losses in its locker.


The main protagonist of this metamorphosis has a first and last name: Jalen Hurts. The one who was pick 53 of the 2020 draft has made an overwhelming leap in level in what is his third season in the league. The ex of Alabama and Oklahoma is carrying out a campaign at the level MVPand his level was no less in the last match against Titans.

Hurts completed 29/39 passes and got 380 passing yards, falling just seven yards short of his career high. He passed for three touchdowns and didn’t commit any interceptions, in a terrific individual performance, plus Jalen was extremely accurate on his passes and seems comfortable shooting to all areas of the field.

He masters the intermediate zone with excellence, where he repeatedly looks for the crossed routes of his teammates, but he is not afraid to let go of his arm in deep zones, where his improvement in ball placement it is being more than evident.

His passing game has improved exponentially over the past two seasons, but he remains confident in his footwork in scramble situations and when the play cries out for running.

In week 12 of competition, the quarterback achieved the spectacular mark of 157 yards against Green Bay, and has already accumulated 609 so far this season, showing that he can also be a dual threat to his rival.

Jalen Hurts accumulates this season 2,940 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and 3 interceptions with a QB rating of 69.2, figures that put him directly in the top 5 quarterbacks this season and that raises the expectations of his team in the postseason to the highest

The Eagles leader managed to score 35 points against the Titans who had won seven of their last eight games and limited Kansas and Bengals to less than 20 points on the scoreboard. Against Tennessee, Philadelphia showed that it can win games by air or land, providing the team with a key two-dimensional attack to be unpredictable for defenses.

Last Sunday Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen, the franchise’s offensive coordinator, opted to field more receivers on their snaps in order to offer their quarterback a wider range of possibilities in passing situations.

The technical staff executed a large part of their offensive plays with staff 11that is, with three Wide Receivers, a running back and a Tight End on the field, in order to space out their attack more and force Titans defenders to make decisions about who to cover, even trading a linebacker for a defensive back. back more.

On this staff, the tight end’s ability to run his routes and catch balls is key, and it appears to have worked successfully against Tennessee. Jack Stoll he was the third Eagles man with the most passing yards sacked with 41, being one more alternative in the passing game for Hurts.


Like any great football team, a great version of a quarterback always has to be accompanied by a good offensive line and a body of receivers capable of converting passes into touchdown scores. This is the case of the Eagles in the current season.

A. J. Brown he’s arguably the favorite attacking partner for Hurts, and he’s already become one of the best receivers in the entire NFL. brown se exhibited against his former team, against which he was seen with a special desire to score, and it was a dagger for the Titans secondary.

He had 119 receiving yards and two touchdown catches in a game in which the former Ole Miss player demonstrated his physical power and speed in running routes.

He also scored the touchdown of the meeting Brown ran a deep route to create space for his teammate, Devonta Smith, in the flat zone, but his speed was enough for his quarterback to rely on a deep pass.

AJ practiced a receiving technique called “late hands” in American slang, in which the recipient of the pass stretches out his hands at the last moment in the moment of pocketing the ball to prevent the defender from reading his intentions and putting his hands out trying to interfere. The result it was a beautiful touchdown.

Next to Brown is devonta smith, who was pick number ten in the 2021 draft and who is establishing himself as a luxury companion for the main receiver of the Eagles. Smith had 102 yards against the Titans and caught a touchdown pass, displaying astonishing ease for distance of his brand in plays where he asserts his well-known leg speed.

Miles Sanders He is another of the protagonists of the offensive unit led by Shane Steichen, a runningback who is being very reliable and gives the Eagles attack a certain two-dimensionality in his plays. Sanders is the sixth rushing running back in the entire nfl and the ninth in achieved touchdowns.

Philadelphia’s offensive line fouled a lot in the game against the Titans, but it’s proving to be one of the best units in the entire league.

lane johnson is establishing himself as one of the best right tackles in the entire NFL and Jason kelce He doesn’t seem to notice the passing of the years too much and continues to be a sure bet at the Center position. Jordan mailata He’s also being a lock at Left Tackle.

The OL of Philadelphia is being a compelling reason for the team to be the second that scores the most points per game (28.2) and the fifth with the most rushing yards per game (154.6).


The reality is that the Eagles defensive unit has struggled throughout the season to contain the race rival. While they are the number one defense in receiving passing yards with 178.5, Those from Pennsylvania have not found an answer to contain their enemies by land.

So far this season, they’re the 17th-ranked defense in receiving rushing yards, averaging 117.9 per game. Despite this, we observe a improvement in the last three games, where Nick Sirianni’s team has significantly reduced its total rushing yards conceded.

In the match against Tennessee, against the most powerful running back in the entire NFL, DerrickHenry, the Eagles only conceded 87 and limited the opposing star running back to 30.

Everything indicates that the incorporation of two veterans of the defensive lines as His H Y Lidval Joseph in mid-November they seem to have had an effect on that unit, which is becoming more and more solid when the rival runner carries the ovoid.

The Philadelphia pass rush is being the second best of the entire competition so far this season, with an average of 3.5 catches per encounter Against the Titans, the Eagles managed to add up to 6 sacks, with Josh sweat starring in two of them. players like Hargrabe, Graham or Fletcher Cox They are being key to generating pressure on the opposing quarterback and the line that protects him.

These Eagles seem to have no ceiling and want to aspire to everything this season. If the team does not suffer notable casualties in its most important units, everything indicates that they will be the favorites to win the National Conference, where the Cowboys and Vikings are expected to be the most difficult rivals.

In their next match, the Philadelphians will travel to the Big Apple to face New York giants in an exciting encounter where the New Yorkers need to add a victory to avoid falling out of the race towards the playoffs, after drawing against Washington in the week 13 of competition.

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The details of some unstoppable Eagles