The day Pedro was able to go to Madrid: “In the happiest moment of my life, the saddest one arrived …”

Pedro Guilherme shines at Flamengo, but in his day he could arrive at Real Madrid and now be one of the best-known footballers on the planet. The white club, habitual to fish in the Brazilian market, set its eyes on a promising attacker and he was ready to sign him. However … an injury twisted everything.

The player tore his cruciate ligament and said goodbye to his dream of making the leap to Europe and becoming a top-level footballer. At the time, it was an operation that was taken for granted, but now it is the player himself who has openly acknowledged that he was going to land in Spain and how that fatal injury changed everything.

During that week (that of his injury in 2018) the proposal from Real Madrid arrived, I remember that in that period I was also called up for the first time for the Brazilian team. I remember mastering a ball, normal, taking a step, putting my foot on the ground and feeling my knee break. At that moment I started crying, I started thinking about the Seleção“, he relates.

That unforeseen changed everything. So much so that he was living his best moment as a professional and, suddenly, he found himself in an operating room and away from the playing fields for months: “I left that game crying, I remember I went back to the plane crying, worried. And then I did the medical exam on Monday, which found that I had torn my cruciate ligament, a lesion that had been inactive for 6 to 8 months. In the happiest moment of my life, this saddest moment arrived … If I had gone to Real Madrid, I certainly wouldn’t be living what I’m living today. “


Despite his injury, Pedro has been able to regain the level he had before everything. From Fiorentina he returned to Brazil, where he stood out with the Flamengo shirt. Del Fluminense, after overcoming his physical problems, arrived in Italy for eleven million euros. His lack of adaptation took him back to his native country and, once the loan was concluded, he left 14 million in the coffers of La Fiore. to be officially a footballer for his current entity.

At the moment, this season he has eight goals in 25 games. The last one was his best in scoring terms: he had 21 in 54 games. A footballer who has been able to reinvent himself, despite the fact that the damn injuries crossed his path. Said and done, Pedro is back. And now, with the confidence in his site, he is able to speak publicly and remember what could and was not. The day he was able to play for Real Madrid …