The Cowboys have never beaten the Patriots at Gillette Stadium

To remember the most recent Dallas win visiting Patriots, we must take a little history class.

November 15, 1987. With four wins and four losses, the Cowboys hit the road to dive into the Boston belt. The Patriots await you at the old Sullivan Stadium with the same brand. Equality in triumphs is not an exclusive issue. The Week 9 game extends to the bottom of overtime. With less than two minutes, Herschel Walker runs 60 yards for the winning touchdown. 23-17 lights up on the board in favor of Tom Landry’s team.

In almost 34 years many things have changed. Four expansion teams were created; helmets evolved; Nike controls the marketing of all uniforms and the NFL holds games in other countries, but the Cowboys still haven’t beaten the Patriots in their backyard.

This Sunday at 4:25 p.m. EDT, Dallas will have its fifth chance. They have never won at Gillette Stadium, a property that opened in 2002.

The Patriots currently have a six-game winning streak over the Cowboys. The rivalry between these two organizations began in 1971 and during seven meetings, Dallas did not give up victories.

With a past that is increasingly matched, Dallas moves into hostile territory. He does so with four consecutive victories, two of them against divisional rivals. JThey play well on both sides of the ball, a balance they haven’t shown for a long time, not as much as 1987.

Herschel Walker rushed 60 yards for the Cowboys win Herschel Walker rushed 60 yards for the overtime victory touchdown of the 1987 game

Led by quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, Team America is second in the NFL in scoring offense (34 points per game), as well as total offense (439.6 yards per game).

Prescott ranks second in the league in passer rating among quarterbacks with a rating of (116.9). Sunday afternoon, it will be the 75th game that Prescott starts as a starter. The man taken in the fourth round of the 2016 Draft begins to be a veteran.

While Elliot is rejuvenating his game. Sand ranks fifth among the runners with the most yards past the scrimmage line with 597. In his NFL career he accumulates 8,848 yards rushing, with 152 on Sunday, he may become the fifth running back to capture the fastest 9,000 yards in the Super Bowl era.

On defense, the narrative is different than what the team wrote last year. Even people who have been in the NFL for a long time admit that they don’t have a frame of reference for what happens.

Cornerback Trevon Diggs, is currently the number one public enemy of quarterbacks by accumulating six interceptions. Before him, the last Dallas defender to reach that number was Antony Henry in 2007, but did so throughout the entire 16-game season.

For the first time since 1999, the Cowboys will not see Tom Brady taking the balls from under the New England center.. Rookie Mac Jones is as of 2021 Bill Belichick’s offensive rider and coordinator Josh McDaniel. The Alabama graduate ranks fifth in the NFL this season with a 71.1 completion percentage.

Why are the Cowboys and Patriots playing this year?

Sunday’s commitment between the Cowboys and Patriots corresponds to the extra game for the extension of the schedule that the owners of the NFL approved.

According to the rules, Game 17 will face opposing conference organizations that have finished in the same place within their division. The AFC was determined to be local in 2021.

The Cowboys hit the road to try to conquer territory that is inhospitable to them.