The candidates to unseat the undisputed Modric, Kroos and Casemiro

The candidates to unseat the undisputed Modric Kroos and Casemiro

Luka modric you have just renewed your contract, Kroos already made it clear that he is going to retire at Real Madrid if the club agrees and the offices trust that Casemiro, with the departure of Bouquets, step forward to take on more chevrons in the locker room. They are the three midfield players of a Real Madrid that has made history and that hardly anyone has been able to unseat since Zidane put to Casemiro as a starter shortly after arriving on the bench in January 2016. Modric was already a fixed and Kroos was since he arrived in the summer of 2014 to become already indisputable with his own Ancelotti, who opted for him as a midfielder in the absence of the Brazilian, on loan to Port.

Along the way some players stayed, like Marcos Llorente, but many of the aspirants return to the load for the second time. Isco and Valverde they were already on the staff, Ceballos and Odegaard Try it again and Blanco has already presented a candidacy with Zidane in the final stretch of the last League.

Odegaard, the great hope:

The Norwegian was a great bet for Real Madrid at the time, but after several attempts he has always ended up on loan. The last campaign seemed the final one. Zidane gave him ownership even in the first league game, but he lost his presence and even left in the January market. Modric was a wall like Kroos for the Norwegian. We will have to see what plans Ancelotti has and where he sees him in the field. His time at Arsenal since January has not been overly brilliant either. He has had regularity but he scored a goal and gave two assists.

Ceballos wants to stay:

He returns after two years on loan at Arsenal, where he has signed 77 games, two goals and five assists. Right now he is concentrating to play the Games so he will be one of the last to join the group. With Zidane he had hardly any options but the arrival of Ancelotti gives him some hope. His idea is to stay to fight for a position but Madrid has not decided yet. With the white shirt he has hardly had opportunities since Madrid bet on him.

Isco wants to convince Carletto:

He is always first on the transfer list and more so this summer after his most irregular season at Real Madrid under Zidane. But Ancelotti opted for him as the fourth midfielder with the BBC at its peak, even safrifying the gals, and Malaga, well below his level these last two years, discarded from the Luis Enrique team for a long time, wants to regain his best version. However, Madrid listens to offers for him although no proposals arrive. There has been talk of Milan but there has been no offer from Italy.

Valverde, the eternal wild man:

Zidane has always pulled him as the first alternative when one of the untouchables has fallen due to injury or has gone through a bad time. We also have to see where Ancelotti can get the most out of him. With Zidane he has even played as a lane, inside or midfielder for Casemiro. For the club it is non-transferable except for a surprise in the form of an irrefutable offer. And it is that although he is not fixed he has won the starting position in many phases of the season to give oxygen and consistency to the midfield.

Blanco, against Casemiro’s wall:

If there is a player who has hardly had a substitute in recent years, it is Casemiro. In fact, with Casemiro’s departure, there is not a player in the first team of his profile nor is he going to go to the market for one. Alaba can also play in the midfield and depends on Ancelotti, although the club has signed him in principle to fill the vacancy of Ramos and even Varane if the French end up leaving. The idea is to shoot for Blanco to play in that demarcation if the Brazilian is not there. The answer he gave in the final stretch of the season has convinced the club and the youth squad is among the group of young people for whom the entity wants to bet.