The black Sergio Ramos

The black Sergio Ramos

Since we announced in MARCA the signing of David Alaba six months ago you have read and heard about two hundred thousand times the words “versatility” and “versatility” associated with the versatile and versatile Austrian footballer. By now I will no doubt know that He can perform as a left-handed central defender (a profile that the white club has lacked for a long time), as a winger and as a midfielder. Its T

He discovered the last position seven years ago by decision of


and never be grateful enough because

thanks to the vision of his coach, Alaba learned to do everything

, from putting pressure on the opponent, helping in the construction of the play and even deploying in attack to reach the opposite area by surprise, taking advantage of their power and good ball handling.

Thus he was polishing his resources as a center back, as a winger, as a winger and as a midfielder until he became one of the most renowned multipurpose players in world football.

This is one of the main reasons why Alaba’s can be considered a priori as

an extraordinary signing, the most sought-after piece in the growing free agent market that immediately turns them into objects of desire for the big European clubs

: does many things and does them all well. And I say a priori because as a result of the backlash that Eden Hazard has supposed, if something has become clear, it is that nobody can guarantee the performance of a footballer, however proven his previous career. Of course that of the new Real Madrid player is.

After 11 seasons and 487 games with Bayern Munich, where they have won two Champions League, 10 Bundesligas and 6 German Cups, the most demanding matches are their natural habitat.

Debut at the age of 17 in the German League and on April 25, 2012,

With only 19 and nothing less than the pass to an entire Champions League final at stake, he was in charge of launching (and converting) the first penalty in that fateful shootout at the Bernabu that ended the European dream of Mourinho’s Madrid

after the last penalty was missed by Sergio Ramos, who is here today to replace. Nine years ago. We have agreed then that

Alaba is versatile, versatile and experienced

. The legion of German football scholars also defines him as

powerful, dynamic, fast and powerful, very physical in his game but at the same time on a good footing

. Conditions have, of course. And they will need them, because he arrives at Real Madrid with the complicated mission of supplying the best center-back in white history, that’s nothing.

The question is whether, in addition to all that, David Alaba also has leadership, something essential because he is going to miss very much without Sergio Ramos (Varane was never a leader)

. In Munich they say he has plenty of personality. And it is said by an authority, the very



who a year ago praised him as “the black Beckenbauer. He is the first player since Franz able to take the reins of the entire team from the center of defense. He has developed the same character.

For a while we have lacked a boss at the rear, someone to set the tone. And David has done it. “Starting today, Alaba has the challenge of becoming the black Sergio Ramos.

To show that, in addition to being versatile and versatile, being a central, winger and midfielder, he can also be a boss.

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