The 56 Twitter accounts you should follow this 2021 NFL Season

The road to Super Bowl LVI starts this Thursday, September 9 with the game between Cowboys and Buccaneers from Raymond James Stadium. To prepare you as a fan for the 2021 Season, we prepare the 56 Twitter accounts that you must follow for everything related to the world of the NFL (56 for being Super Bowl LVI, of course).

We decided to exclude from this list the best known accounts and those of each team, as the intention is to recommend the 56 accounts that will make you a better NFL fan in general. So, the accounts that are NOT considered are:

Now, we start with our recommendations on Twitter classified by category.

Arbitration and rules

For this season, there are changes in the rules that will surely give something to talk about, so it is important to know what the specialists, former referees and commissioners think and what the NFL responds in real time to the controversial plays:


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Fantasy football

As good Fantasy players we know that practically every day you must be adjusting your equipment. The following accounts will help you to know statistics and projections of impact players in FF:


Memes are an important part of everyday life on the internet and now also in the NFL:

NFL in Spanish

The best and most influential NFL media are obviously in English, however there is also very valuable information in our language:

NFL news and current affairs

If you want to find out everything in real time, this is the most useful thing there is in terms of NFL:

Specialized journalists

Would you like to learn more about football and not just stay with the latest news? These journalists provide analysis and points of view in a different way. Many of them have weekly columns that they publish in their media:

To know statistics and data

You will find information about the salary cap, records, weekly statistics and more:

For Breaking News

For the Breaking news There are three accounts that you should look for to have the exclusive ones before anyone else:


And of course, one of the biggest advantages of Twitter today: The best plays, trivia and almost any highlight within the field are immediately available on video:

These are the 56 Twitter accounts you should follow this NFL 2021 Season.