The 10 best-selling jerseys of NFL players in Mexico

The 2022 NFL season is coming with everything and all the fans in Mexico are more than excited for the start of the campaign and for the match at the Azteca Stadium.

Mexico is one of the markets -outside the United States- who consumes the most the product of the NFLbut it is not only about seeing all the games, but also about buying the merchandise.

And in that area of purchase of products from NFL teams, Mexico is also at the forefrontbecause if there is something in our country, it is a very passionate taste for grills.

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Jerseys are the NFL’s number one selling product and according to the numbers of the same leaguehave the list of the 10 players who sold the most shirts in Mexico.

In this list we will find great players who sold many jerseys in 2021, without being in such a popular team -and yes, we are referring to the GOAT-, although we also see some franchises that are very close to the mexa fans.

Deebo Samuel of the 49ers
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The 10 best-selling NFL player jerseys in Mexico

10 – Joe Burrow

Bengals is not as popular a team in Mexico as others, but his recent performance made many mexas notice the team and especially the QB.

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals superhero who didn't want to be a quarterback
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9 – MacJones

The Patriots are one of the most popular teams in Mexico, all thanks to Tom Brady, but without the GOAT in the team, the Patsfans mexas have to look at the new field marshal.

Mac JonesQB for Patriots
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8 – Aaron Donald

Some Rams fans started following the team in the 80’s and 90’s, but then they saw their team move to Saint Louis, but the fan base remained, even in a return to California and with the recent championship, the popularity skyrocketed, that is why the most dominant man on the team -Aaron Donald-, is one of the best-selling jerseys in Mexico of the entire NFL.

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7 – T. J. Watt

If a team could not be missing from this list, it is the Steelers. The Pittsburgh fanbase in Mexico is just huge and TJ Watt is the chosen one among mexa fans for his jerseys.

Steelers linebacker TJ Watt
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6 – Nick Bosa

Another extremely popular team in Mexico is the 49ers, so Nick Bosa is one of the players that appears on this list and that is, he has earned the affection of all his fans in San Francisco and our country.

Nick Bosa of the 49ers in the NFL
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5 – Aaron Rodgers

In Mexico we may be a big fan of cheese, but not specifically of the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers is one of the most respected figures in the NFL in the United States and among Mexas.

Aaron Rodgers with the Packers
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4 – Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills or also known among some fans in Mexico as the Cruz Azul of the NFLbecause in the 90’s they lost many finals, as well as the ‘Machine’ in the new millennium.

But with Josh Allen, the story seems to change, as well as his popularity in Mexico and the QB jersey is one of the best sellers in our country.

Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills
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3 – Patrick Mahomes

If someone traveled back in time ten years ago and told the fans in Mexico that chiefs they would be one of the most popular teams, they would have mocked.

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes and recent successes, we can talk about that the QB jersey is the third most sold in Mexico.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs QB
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2 – George Kittle, the surprise of the list in the NFL

We told you there were two 49ers players on this list, you probably thought Jimmy Garoppolo would be there, but apparently, he is not so popular among his own mexa fans.

buuuut, George Kittle has his place in the kokoro of Mexico for his performances and charismawhich is why it is second among the best-selling jerseys in the NFL.

George Kittle, tight end for the 49ers
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1 – Tom Brady

The truth is that It’s no surprise that Tom Brady is the best-selling jersey.Because he is the best player in the history of the NFL and one of the most admired, even though he plays for an unpopular team in Mexico.

His popularity is such that if they put a Cuernavaca Hummingbirds shirt on it, it would still be the best-selling in the NFL… Is there anything Tom Brady can’t do?

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The 10 best-selling jerseys of NFL players in Mexico