Terron Armstead: NFL teams fighting for him and what suits him

Terron Armstead is an offensive tackle soccer American of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League currently active, with a career of nine seasons. In this team he has stood out as part of the heart of the Saints on offense, consolidating himself as a player with a lot of athleticism and good hands in his position.

Now 30 years old, he’s heading for the veterans list in a season with many announcements and rumors of retirements like Tom Brady’s, giving way to a new generation that will have to work hard to achieve the achievements of their predecessors.

However, given the trajectory of Terron ArmsteadMost likely, he will still be able to play offensive tackle next season, but he will have to do so with another team as his five-year $65 million contract, signed in 2017, has come to an end and the conditions of the New Orleans Saints do not seem to be suitable to sustain it one more season.

Given this scenario, and despite some health problems that Terron Armstead has had, it is most likely that we will still see it in the following season of the National Football League with one of the following devices:

Miami Dolphins

It’s a fact that the Miami Dolphins’ offense has faltered in recent years, making quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s plays difficult. In fact, the team is the one with the lowest record in the 2021 league (contrary to what The Simpsons predicted).

In addition, the team needs to find a replacement for its offense Liam Eichenberg, who did not give the expected results. As if that were not enough, the Miami Dolphins have a budget of around $60 million, which would help them a lot when it comes to getting Terron Armstead on your team.

Indianapolis Colts

Contrary to the case of the Miami Dolphins, the Indianapolis Colts have a very good offense. However, some of their key players have been injured in recent seasons, so Terron Armstead could result in an important replacement option. The problem? The team has a budget of $35.8 million, so it may not be the first choice of the player who had a much higher contract.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals could prove to be a great option for Terron Armstead since the team has stood out remarkably in recent seasons, reaching the 2022 Super Bowl and playing a very good game, honestly against any odds. In addition, their offense has had very good results, especially with the arrival of quarterback Joe Burrow in 2020, who has struggled with some passes, where Terron Armstead could turn out to be the linchpin.

Terron Armstead ends his contract with the New Orleans Saints

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Terron Armstead: NFL teams fighting for him and what suits him