Ter Stegen does not hold more

Marc André Ter Stegen underwent surgery on May 20 in Sweden for the patellar tendon in his right leg. It was not the first time that I went through the operating room to solve these annoyances, but it was the first one that was decided, both by the goalkeeper and the Blaugrana club, that he was going to take all the time necessary to recover one hundred percent of the inconvenience. Hence, the club did not want to specify the time off, although in principle the doctors gave him a minimum period of between three to four months, fixing the scenario after the national team break as the ideal for the German goal to return under the sticks.

However, one thing is theory and another is practice. And it seems that Ter Stegen it is not to wait much more. It reappeared this Friday with the group and it is expected that in the next few days it will finish its refurbishment, with his sights set on Sunday’s game against Getafe at the Camp Nou.

In any case, It will not be until Saturday, when it is decided if the OK is finally given Ter Stegen to return to the pitch. The decision will be made after a conclave between coach Ronald Koeman and Ramón de la Fuente, goalkeeping technician, together with the doctors and the goalkeeper himself. If there is a consensus between all parties, the German goalkeeper will reappear almost fifteen days ahead of schedule.

Right now there is a certain optimism in the club: the evolution is being very good and the feelings are unbeatable. But we will have to wait how this week evolves when the workloads intensify.

What seems obvious is that The performance of the Brazilian goal Neto does not convey full confidence among the coaches. His contribution at this start of the season is being discreet, being generous, so in the dressing room it is considered that the return of Ter Stegen could bring a bit of serenity and judgment to the rear, a line that continues to show more shadows than lights.