Tebas responds to Laporta that agreement with CVC does not mortgage Barcelona’s television rights

Tebas responds to Laporta that agreement with CVC does not

Javier Tebas indicated that the operation with the international fund does not mortgage rights, in response to Laporta’s explanation regarding the departure of Lionel Messi

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured that the operation with the international CVC fund does not mortgage the television rights of Barcelona 50 years, in response to what was said by the president of the club, Joan Laporta, during his appearance to explain the departure of Argentine Leo Messi.

“You know that the CVC operation does not mortgage the TV rights of @FCB 50 years, what it does is that they have more value for all the clubs and so you can MORTGAGE your BANKS and solve the great debt. You understood it hours ago, “Thebes wrote on social networks, while Laporta spoke to the media.

The Barça president said that LaLiga wanted Leo Messi to continue in Spain, although the club had to fulfill something that he could not by finding “an inheritance that exceeds the allowed salary limit.”

“We would have entered fair play if we agreed to enter into an operation that we do not see, we would receive an amount of money in exchange for mortgaging our television rights for half a century and it is not what is convenient for the entity,” said Laporta.

Asked after what was written by Javier Tebas, Laporta insisted that the operation closed with the international fund means mortgaging the audiovisual rights of the club for half a century and certain risks that he does not want to assume.

“Hello Javier, I will tell you that we do not interpret this like that. In fact, there were conversations yesterday between our executives and those who are directing the operation with CVC and they have given us satisfactory answers. This entails certain risks that we do not want to assume. I can understand the legal forms that you articulate, because they are ingenious and witty but here it is a question of making Barça’s audiovisual rights available or mortgaging for half a century. We must not mortgage ourselves. I would tell you, dear Javier, that the amount that the CVC operation has closed is much lower to which we believe that 10% of La Liga should be valued, “Laporta replied.

LaLiga announced two days ago a principle of agreement with the international fund CVC to inject 2,700 million euros into the competition and the clubs, which allows you to keep intact your sports competitions and the organization and management of the commercialization of audiovisual rights.

This economic injection was interpreted as an operation that could facilitate the renewal of Leo Messi by the Barcelona teamBut the club ruled it out 24 hours ago due to “economic and structural obstacles.”

Real Madrid announced yesterday that it will not support the agreement with CVC, understanding that it is an operation that “gives investors the future of 42 First and Second clubs” and that it will debate the same with its compromisario partners.