Surprise: Cowboys cut star defender to save $ 9.2 million in cap space


The Dallas Cowboys makes a surprise move in the middle of the 2021 NFL season and dumps a defender who had signed a big contract in 2019.

Jaylon Smith wore # 9 in 2021.


© Getty ImagesJaylon Smith wore # 9 in 2021.

The 2021 season of the National Football League takes four weeks of action and Dallas cowboys He already made the most surprising move of all. With a defense that has improved considerably from last year, they have decided to cut one of the biggest names.

The owner’s team Jerry jones has released the linebacker Jaylon smith in what is a move to save money in the next year due to a part of his salary that was guaranteed in case of injury. The decision makes no longer risk paying him $ 9.2 million next year in case he gets hurt.

Nevertheless, his $ 9.8 million this year against salary space if he will have to pay it. Smith had signed for $ 64M and five years in the summer of 2019. But after two very weak seasons and a 2021 in which he hardly played, Dallas decides to ditch the defender.

2018 was his best season, with 150 tackles and four sacks by QB. He was selected in the second round of the 2016 Draft and missed his first year with a knee injury. The Cowboys tried to trade him, but were unsuccessful, so they decided it was best to release him and avoid possible injury.

Jaylon Smith heads to Green Bay Packers

Finally, this Wednesday afternoon, insider Ian Rapoport from NFL Network that the Green bay packers they are the most feasible destination for Smith and that the details are being finalized. The agreement can be made official tomorrow morning and the player once selected to the Pro Bowl has said that the Wisconsin franchise is his desired destination.

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