Super Bowl LVI: How much money does the winner take?

(CNN Spanish) — It’s the big day of Super Bowl LVI. The teams that will star in the 2021-2022 edition will be the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Rams arrive as favorites for the big game, as they had a better season than their rival and will also play the Super Bowl at home (the second team to do so after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it in the last edition).

For their part, the Bengals present themselves as the ‘black Horse‘ of the competition, with a young star Joe Burrow in great form and even with a metal cart of luck at his side.

However, regardless of which is the favorite, both the Rams and the Bengals seek to win the highest title in the NFL, either to make sports history (Cincinnati has never won the Super Bowl, for example) or to get a big bonus extra.

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How Much Money Do Super Bowl Champion Players Take?

According to salary tracker Spotraceach of the Super Bowl champion players for the 2021-2022 season will take home an extra $150,000 bonus.

That’s a 15% increase from last year’s Super Bowl winners’ bonus, which was $130,000 for each player, according to Spotrac data.

Does the losing team get something?

While the bonus for players who lose the Super Bowl is lower, they still get a hefty amount.

Spotrac notes that these players will have a bonus amounting to $75,000, which also represents a 15% increase compared to last year’s bonus of $65,000.

And it’s not just that

In addition to the Super Bowl bonus, teams take home other amounts of money for winning in past postseason games.

So if the Rams win, each player would get a total bonus of $300,000; if they lose, the bonus would be $225,000. For the Bengals, the bonuses would be exactly the same, according to Spotrac.

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Super Bowl LVI: How much money does the winner take?