Summary of Packers 30-28 49ers in NFL 2021 | 09/26/2021

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Final Score

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This is how the game ends

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4Q 0:40

M. Wishnowsky kicks 65 yards from the SF 35 yard to the end zone, Touchback.

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Extra point

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Q4 2:00

2 minute break.

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4Q 2:29

J. Garoppolo throws a short pass to the center to G.Kittle who advances to the GB 36 yard for 39 yards.

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M. Crosby kicks 65 yards from GB 35 yard to end zone, Touchback.

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M. Wishnowsky kicks 65 yards from the SF 35 yard to the end zone, Touchback.

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4Q 10:38

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4Q 11:54

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4Q 12:40

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4Q 13:32

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4Q 13:32

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End of the third quarter

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3Q 10:12

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3Q 12:21

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3Q 13:01

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3Q 13:38

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3rd quarter starts

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HALF TIME of Sunday Night Football

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Extra point

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Extra point

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2Q 2:00

We reached the 2 minute break.

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2Q 10:02

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2Q 10:25

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2Q 12:59

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2Q 13:36

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2Q 13:51

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Finish the first quarter

Packers 10-0 49ers

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1Q 0:42

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1Q 1:51

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1Q 1:58

M.Wishnowsky punts 56 yards to GB 10.

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1Q 2:04

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1Q 3:19

M.Crosby kicks 65 yards from GB 35 to the end zone, Touchback.

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Extra point

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1Q 3:23

Aaron Rodgers pass short left to D. Adams for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

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1Q 6:12

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1Q 7:25

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1Q 7:35

M. Wishnowsky punts 59 yards to the end zone.

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M.Crosby kicks 65 yards from GB 35 to the end zone, Touchback.

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1Q 10:11

M.Crosby 54-yard field goal is GOOD.

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1Q 12:00

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1Q 13:54

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Kick off

M.Wishnowsky kicks 65 yards from SF 35 to the end zone, Touchback.

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Great atmosphere in the stadium before starting

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The Packers take to the court at Levi’s Stadium

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The 49ers are already on the grass

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Inactive Packers Players

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This is how the Packers arrive

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This is how the 49ers arrive

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Inactive 49ers Players

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A very recurring rival

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The San Francisco 49ers passing game

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We started

We started the coverage of this Sunday Night Football to close week 3 of the NFL.
Packers vs 49ers below.

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Do not take off from here to follow the Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers live

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Where and how to watch Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers online and live

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The last meeting between the two teams was on November 5 of last year, a game that ended 34-17 in favor of the Green Bay Packers.

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Aaron Rodgers

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Jimmy Garoppolo

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Green bay packers

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San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers enter this game in fantastic form, having won each of their first two games, including a six-point road win against the Philadelphia Eagles last week. In that game, San Francisco’s defense was fantastic, allowing just 11 points and limiting the opposition to just 177 passing yards. Now, the 49ers will look to stay undefeated with a home game next Sunday night. Interestingly, this will be San Francisco’s first home game of the season. As a result, one can expect the local fans at Levi’s Stadium to provide a great entrance.

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Levi’s Stadium

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