Summary and best moments of the Packers 7-13 Chiefs in NFL 2021 | 11/07/2021

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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs for week 9 of the NFL.

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Second win in a row

Kansas City won for the first time of the season and also set a winning record for the first time, while Green Bay ended a 7-game winning streak.

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Packers 7-13 Chiefs.

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4Q 01:50

Mahomes to Hill with the complete pass and Kansas City this will run out the clock.

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4Q 02:00

Two minute break.

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4Q 02:37

Hardman with the reception to move the chains.

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4Q 04:03

Mahomes finds Kelce and Kansas City moves the chains.

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4Q 04:54

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4Q 06:07

Jones with the carry and puts the ball at the opponent’s 25 yard.

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4Q 07:33

Cobb with the complete pass and runs 15 yards to keep the offense alive.

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4Q 08:02

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and within his 5 yard Kansas will have to punt.

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4Q 08:55

Love makes a mistake and is intercepted in the red zone. Green Bay leaves empty-handed.

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4Q 09:45

Jones with the carry and Green Bay is already at the opponent’s 25 yard.

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4Q 10:58

Adams with the short reception to move the chains.

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4Q 11:17

Love connects with Adams and Green Bay’s First and Ten.

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4Q 12:42

Hitchen with the pass interference and gifts the first and ten to Green Bay.

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4Q 14:22

Love with Valdes and the Packers leave the compromised zone.

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Final third quarter

Packers 0-13 Chiefs.

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3Q 00:59

Hardman with the incomplete pass and Kansas will have to clear from midfield.

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3Q 03:45

McKinnon with the short catch, but enough to move the chains.

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3Q 07:34

The pressure comes to Love and is captured. Green Bay to clear.

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3Q 09:49

Dillon with the carry down the middle and puts the ball at the 41-yard line for the first and ten.

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3Q 10:54

Love with the complete pass on a trick play to move the chains.

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3Q 11:33

Kelce can’t make the catch and Kansas City to punt.

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3Q 12:31

They give Love the center before and he barely manages to recover the ball. Fourth down and clear.

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3Q 13:25

Rogers recovers the ball after the fumble and Green Bay will return to offense.

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3Q 13:37

Mahomes is sacked and Kansas City three and out. To clear.

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3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Chiefs on offense.

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Packers 0-13 Chiefs.

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4Q 00:01

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4Q 00:27

Love plays it in fourth but sends the incomplete pass.

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2Q 01:35

Cobb with the reception and Green Bay is already in the rival zone.

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2Q 01:51

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2Q 01:54

Williams with the reception, but fell within a yard of scoring.

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2Q 02:00

Two minute break.

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2Q 02:34

Fumble on the kickback and the Chiefs are in the goal zone.

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2Q 03:25

Run that falls short of Williams and the Chiefs to punt within their 30 yard.

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2Q 04:39

Love with the incomplete pass for Adams and Green Bay to clear.

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2Q 06:07

Holding on to the defense and Green Bay advances another 10 yards.

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2Q 08:10

Dillon puts the ball at the 23-yard line to get out of the compromised zone.

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2Q 08:30

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and Kansas City to clear. They drop them off at yard 1.

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2Q 09:18

Hill with the reception and Kansas moves the chains.

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2Q 10:41

Mason Crosby has a 37-yard field goal blocked.

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2Q 13:39

Jones turns the corner and gets the first and ten, 23-yard line.

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2Q 14:54

Mahomes plays it and his pass falls short. Good field position in the rival for Green Bay.

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End of the first quarter

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1Q 00:48

Mason Crosby misses the 40-yard field goal.

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1Q 00:52

Raised Love’s pass and it will be fourth down.

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1Q 02:52

Love with the screen pass to Dillon and Green Bay are already in the red zone.

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1Q 05:13

Dillon with the carry to get the ball into first field. First and ten.

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1Q 05:56

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1Q 07:37

Williams with the carry and puts the first and goal at the 1-yard line.

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1Q 09:09

Holding on to Green Bay and Kansas is already in the red zone.

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1Q 12:02

Williams with the carry of more than 15 yards to move the chains in rival field.

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1Q 12:06

Kelce stays one yard on third down and the Chiefs are going to play it.

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1Q 14:02

Love has to get rid of the ball and Green Bay three and out. To clear.

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1Q 15:00

Starts the match. Packers on offense with Jordan Love.

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We are minutes away from the start of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers, for Week 9 of the NFL.

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They already heat up

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Absent from Green Bay

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Inactive Chiefs

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There is support

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To much critics

The topic of the week in the NFL has been the position of Aaron Rodgers, who has been highly criticized because he first claimed that he had been vaccinated and then said that he is allergic to one of the ingredients of the vaccine and did not comply with the protocols of Covid-19 health.

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First ownership

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We started

Without Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers will be looking for their eighth win in a row when they visit the Kansas City Chiefs in NFL Week 9. We start with coverage of the game.

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Do not take off from here to follow the Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs live of the 2021 NFL season

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of the Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs live to Week 5 of the NFL season, plus the latest information from Arrowhead Stadium. Do not miss details of the match with the minute by minute and live online of VAVEL MÉXICO.

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Where and how to watch Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs online and live in NFL

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Watch out for this Kansas City Chiefs player

1:38 PM7 hours ago

Watch out for this Green Bay Packers player

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How are the Packers and Chiefs doing in the season?

The Packers are the undisputed leaders in the NFC North division with a record of seven wins and one loss; while the Chiefs are last in the AFC West with a 4-4 record, although they are only one behind the divisional leader.

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Kansas City Chiefs: getting strong at home

Compared to other seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs have struggled to become strong at home with just two victories in four games played, however, in the absence of Rodgers, in the betting houses in Las Vegas they went from being with a minus eight to be favorites to win this match by one point.

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Green Bay Packers: getting used to life without Rodgers?

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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the match Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs live, corresponding to Week 9 of the NFL season. The meeting will take place at Arrowhead Stadium, at 3:25 pm.


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