Steelers beat the Bills on the road and starts the 2021 NFL season on the right foot

In a game that was conspicuous by the lack of effectiveness of the offenses, the Pittsburgh steelers managed to recover from a difficult first half to defeat 16-23 the Buffalo Bills, in a match corresponding to week 1 of the 2021 season of the NFL.

Responsibility for the victory rested with the kicker’s foot. Chris Boswell, who scored 11 points product of three field goals and two extra points, compared to the offense, which only contributed six units.

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The first half of the game was marked by the successes of the two defenses, which limited the options of the quarterbacks to the maximum, who were shaken by the sacks against them.

So much Josh allen What Ben roethlisberger They had discreet numbers in the game, since, despite having added a touchdown pass, neither of the two quarterbacks could exceed 300 yards per pass.

In particular, Bills they were diminished by the indiscipline generated by their players when facing the offense, with penalties that cost them a considerable amount of yards.

The key point of the game was the punt block starring the special teams of the Steelers, who recovered the ball in rival territory to carry it through Ulysses Gilbert to make the score 20-10 in the fourth quarter.