Steelers beat Ravens in overtime and dream of playoffs

Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement looks like it will have to wait. The Steelers came with a slight hope of qualifying for the playoffs: they had to win on the road against the Ravens, expect a loss from the Colts, against the Jaguars, the worst team in the NFL, and that there is no tie between the Chargers and the Raiders .

Well, everything has been given defeated Ranves 16-13, Indianapolis lost to Jacksonville and they are out; They are only waiting for the game between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where both franchises are looking for victory, since whoever wins qualifies for the postseason.

It will be until the night that it is known what will be the fate of the playoffs, but the outlook looks encouraging for the Steelers.

Steelers vs Ravens Summary and Annotations | Week 18

TE | FIELD GOAL OF THE STEELERS | Chris Boswell gives the win to Pittsburgh | Steelers 16-13 Ravens

4Q 0:00 | REGULAR TIME IS ENDING | There will be overtime in Baltimore

4Q 1:13 | FIELD GOAL OF THE RAVENS | Justin Tucker ties the game with a 46-yard FG | Steelers 13-13 Ravens

4Q 2:54 | TOUCHDOWN FROM THE STEELERS | Chase Claypool scores, off a six-yard pass from Big Ben, and they went around the board | Steelers 13-10 Ravens

3Q 7:45 | FIELD GOAL OF THE STEELERS | Chris Boswell reappears and lands a 40-yard FG to bring his team closer | Steelers 6-10 Ravens

3Q 12:32 | TOUCHDOWN OF THE RAVENS | Latavius ​​Murray escapes 46 yards on the ground and Baltimore already wins | Steelers 3-10 Ravens

2Q 0:14 | FIELD GOAL OF THE RAVENS | Justin Tucker ties the game with a 24-yard FG | Steelers 3-3 Ravens

1Q 6:08 | FIELD GOAL OF THE STEELERS | Chris Boswell hits a 28-yard FG to open the scoring in Baltimore | Steelers 3-0 Ravens

START THE PARTY! Ben Roethlisberger could be playing his last game as a professional.

The meeting begins at 12:00 PM (Central Mexico time)

Steelers vs Ravens | Previous

Last Sunday of the regular season of the 2021 NFL season. With almost everything ready for the playoffs, there are still some teams waiting to qualify, even if they need a miracle. That is the case of the Ravens and the Steelers who meet this Week 18, in search of a ticket and the honor of the North of the American Conference.

What do the Ravens need to qualify?

With a record of eight wins and eight losses, the Baltimore franchise needs a win and the Chargers lose, as well as another loss for the Colts and the Miami Dolphins.

What do the Steelers need to qualify?

The Pittsburgh team seems to have a less complicated task, they need a win, Indianapolis falls and there is no draw on Sunday Night between the Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders.


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Steelers beat Ravens in overtime and dream of playoffs