Sergio Ramos’ new business in Madrid

Sergio Ramos will stop being a Real Madrid player on June 30 after the offer expires renewal that the Chamartín club proposed to him, but he knows that his life as a footballer does not end here and neither does his career as a successful businessman. And is that the camero the days are already counting for the launch of a new business, a chain of gyms that will open its first establishment in Madrid very soon. It is the German firm John Reed, which will land in Spain with Sergio to expand its business centers low cost for sports training.

“We finally arrived in Madrid with a special and unique concept in collaboration with sports legend Sergio Ramos. John Reed is one of the 17 brands belonging to the RSG Group, a world leader in the fitness sector with 6.4 million customers among its gyms and its virtual training platform “, they express from the company. They advocate for combining fun and motivation for sports practice, using exceptional sound and striking interior design that has already seen great success in cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, London and Los Angeles.

The company Sergio Ramos by John Reed SL already has a tax address in Madrid with the corporate purpose of “the provision of all kinds of business advisory services within the sports field“The objective was to open their first store in Madrid throughout 2021 and they will finally achieve it, because although they have not revealed the exact date, everything indicates that it will be before the end of the summer.

In fact, the company is already looking for staff for the establishment and there are still several vacancies, such as the position of sports coach and receptionist of the premises. At the moment the salary they offer as well as the fee that each client must pay for the use of the facilities is unknown. In Germany, for example, the rates are less than 30 euros.

The logo already adorns his new home

Sergio Ramos already spoke about this project in the documentary he starred in for Amazon Prime Video under the title ‘The Legend of Sergio Ramos’. “I thought it was very good that they decided that Madrid would be the leading city to start with this gym concept in Spain. They want to make a boutique concept, and I not only wanted to do it for the business, but because I wanted to make a different place, which was not a normal training center, “he confessed.

Sergio Ramos new business in Madrid

In fact, in the gym of your new home we can already see that the style has nothing to do with what we are used to seeing in a sports center. Gold-tone frames, large colorful murals, striking lighting, and even snakeskin-like fabric on each of the machines. All under the Sergio Ramos by John Reed logo.