Sergio Ramos indulges himself after signing for PSG with a watch of 118,000 euros

Sergio Ramos indulges himself after signing for PSG with a

The new life of Sergio Ramos in Paris it is already a reality, and the former Real Madrid captain is already beginning to enjoy his new environment with his family. Although a few days ago the Andalusian defender shared a new video in which he boasted of a classic car with a Seat 600, in the last hours he has transcended one of his last whims with which he has personally celebrated his signing for Paris Saint Germain.

The last luxury of Sergio Ramos

His arrival in the prestigious dressing room of the Parisian team could not occur without the presence of luxury items, and that is because his new teammates are characterized precisely by showing off these types of items. In recent days, Sergio Ramos has not wanted to be less and has opted for a Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual watch, one of the most demanded sports watches in the luxury market, and especially acquired by athletes and prominent personalities.

Made in white gold and with a blue dial, it is a watch that “offers an original alliance between sport and technical sophistication thanks to the presence of the famous caliber extrapolating 240Q with automatic winding”, they describe on their own website. With this watch, Sergio Ramos can even bathe in the pool, since it is submersible up to 60 meters, and it adapts to all kinds of clothing styles thanks to its simple but elegant design.

The camero will not be the only one to wear a luxury watch in the Paris Saint Germain dressing room, although not only the footballers of the French club are regular customers of this luxury brand. So are other well-known faces from around the world such as Brad Pitt, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Andrea Pirlo or the FC Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué. No doubt all of them have succumbed to this design and disbursed the 118,000 euros that mark its price.