Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto, imminent salary reduction agreement

The captains of FC Barcelona have shown their barcelonismo and commitment, accepting a significant salary reduction in order for the club to come out of an unprecedented economic crisis, which is even making it difficult for it to register all the players on the squad in LaLiga. In fact, it was not until the agreement signed with Gerard Piqué, that the club could definitively discharge Memphis Depay to start the championship. Following Piqué’s footsteps, Jordi Alba followed, with his newly released captaincy, who confirmed his reduction of 25% of salary and a deferral of another part of the payroll and bonuses for this season.

It remained to be known what would happen to the other two captains, Sergio Busquets and Sergi Roberto, although from the club the predisposition to accept a reformulation of contracts by these two players has always been highlighted. As well, As the station Rac1 has advanced, everything indicates that this Tuesday there could be ‘white smoke’ and definitively seal its new contracts downwards. In fact, the agent of both, Josep María Orobitg, is summoned at 11.30 am at the club’s offices to finalize the new agreement.

According to the same station, Sergio Busquets will be offered a contract with the elimination of a series of bonuses, considered very affordable, in addition to a deferral of a part of the current salary, while Sergi Roberto will have his current salary reduced by 40%, but with the incentive to add two more seasons to his new contract, which will go from 2022 to 2024.

So, with the captains having stepped forward, The next to go through the ring will be the players with the highest chips in the squad, including the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho, that he has already received the first ‘inputs’ from the envelope on the need to tighten his belt. As they assure from the entity, the player has been receptive to the serious financial situation that the club is going through. And after Coutinho, The next on the list is the French Antoine Griezmann, to this day the highest file in the squad, after the departure of Leo Messi.