Seahawks vs Packers: return of playoff-flavored quarterbacks?

Week 10 of the 2021 NFL Season brings with it a great duel between Seahawks and Packers with an early postseason flavor and, if everything goes according to schedule, we will also witness the return of two of the main quarterbacks that star in the NFL: Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. What to expect from a Rodgers recently fined by the NFL for violating COVID protocols? Is Wilson on time to save the Seattle campaign? Here we tell you.

Seahawks and Packers, the return of the quarterbacks?

The precision of situations in the NFL can make a game a true war of the titans or a duel to be forgotten, and if this meeting had been just a week ago, the narrative of things would be totally different. However, everything indicates that we will see face to face two of the main quarterbacks that star in the NFL: on the part of the Seahawks, Russell Wilson, just off the Injured Reserve; by the Packers, to Aaron Rodgers, who last week saw no action after controversially testing positive for COVID-19.

Undoubtedly, Seattle (3-5) and Green Bay (7-2) have two of the most complete rosters in the entire league, yet during the absence of their quarterbacks the teams were fatal. With QB Geno Smith, the Seahawks lost 2 of 3 games, and their only victory was against Jacksonville; mandatory result. On the other hand, the previous Sunday Green Bay looked lost without Rodgers, as QB Jordan Love looked very weak against one of the worst secondary teams in the NFL, such as the Chiefs. For these reasons, for this meeting to shine in Week 10, the return of both starting quarterbacks is vital.

Rodgers, not being vaccinated against coronavirus, if he did not develop symptoms, he could report with the team next Saturday, just one day before the meeting; and Wilson, who just received medical discharge after breaking the middle finger of his right hand on October 7, through his social networks suggested his long-awaited return by publishing an emotional video where it reads: “It’s time“.

Duel with an early postseason flavor?

The real question should be whether Wilson is in time to rescue the Seahawks’ season. With only three games won this year, the idea of ​​taking the division lead would seem absurd as the Cardinals (8-1) and Rams (7-2) have made the NFC West a game of two, and Seattle would have to make an epic comeback in the second half of the season if it were to join, although it is not seen how Arizona and Los Angeles could lose pace.

However, it is more likely that Seattle can be rescued as a Wild Card team. The NFC is a true mediocrity fight in that part of the standings, and it is Atlanta (4-4) who currently occupies the seventh position in the National. With that record, teams like Seattle, or even the WFT (2-6) are more alive than ever and, considering that five of the Seahawks’ remaining games of the year are against teams of .500 or less, they could resurrect without any problem. to sneak into the postseason.

Meanwhile, Green Bay, with seven victories, is the true owner of the NFC North and their fight is more focused against the Cardinals, Buccaneers, Cowboys and Rams for earning a rest in the first week of the Playoffs. They are currently the second best seeds, and while it should come as no surprise to see them at the end of the year as the best team in the National Conference, it would not be strange to see them play in the Wild Card Round either.

Considering both situations, this meeting could take place in the first weekend of the Playoffs, and this next Sunday it will serve to have a clearer idea about a next guest to the Divisional Round. If the streaks and records continue as such, the Packers would have a big advantage: just like this weekend, they could receive the Wild Card round at Lambeau Field, a true strength for Green Bay against Seattle.

QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers.

Will Historic Green Bay Dominance Weigh At Home?

To change the landscape this Sunday, those led by HC Pete Carroll will have to fight against history. Green Bay, including the Playoffs, has beaten the Seahawks nine straight home games going back to 2003, which is the Packers’ longest active streak since they beat the Lions 24 in a row between 1992 and 2014. In fact, Seattle’s last victory at Lambeau Field dates back to November 1, 1999 when they triumphed 27-7.

Another of the key points that will define this meeting will be the precision in the red zone. The Seahawks have only 20 red-zone forays this season, which is the third-fewest in the NFL, yet they have scored touchdowns in 75% of those attempts. Meanwhile, the Packers defense allows six-point scoring on 76% of drives under 10 yards, the second-worst record in the league. And eventually, one of the two will have to give a twist to this area to come out with victory.

In addition, we will most likely see the return of OT David Bakhtiari with the Packers, who has not played since last year after having torn his ACL, and his return would undoubtedly buy time for Rodgers to find his favorite weapon: the WR. Davante Adams, who leads the team with 786 total yards.

However, the lethal duo of the Seahawks is not far behind: DK Metcalf leads Seattle with 8 TDs and 580 total yards, while Tyler Lockett has contributed 579. The balanced distribution of this offense could turn into a nightmare for Packers who they will play one more game without CB Jaire Alexander, who has been out since Week 4.

Having anticipated that Alexander could miss the remainder of 2021, HC Matt LaFleur believes that an eventual return of his star cornerback will happen in “a matter of weeks”, and having his best player from the secondary school back may be the catalyst that they need the Packers to overcome the ghost of the Conference Championship Game.

Will Green Bay be able to assert its hometown status with or without Rodgers? Will Russell Wilson be there in time to try to get Seattle into the postseason? We read you in the comments below this article and on our social networks.

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Seahawks vs Packers: return of playoff-flavored quarterbacks?