Scores and summary of the Dolphins 42-38 Ravens in NFL 2022 | 09/18/2022

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15:25 an hour ago

End of the game

The game ends, thanks for joining us in the transmission of the game Miami Dolphins 42-38 Baltimore Ravens, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more transmissions.

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4Q | 0:14

ANNOTATION! Jaylen Waddle with the reception for Miami’s comeback.

15:13 an hour ago

4Q | 0:44

The Dolphins get into the red zone, they are going to look for the victory in the last seconds.

15:08 an hour ago

4Q | 2:18

FIELD GOAL! Justin Tucker gets the 3 points with a 51-yard field goal.

15:06 an hour ago

4Q | 2:28

Baltimore gets to Miami’s 34-yard line and a field goal attempt is coming.

15:04 an hour ago

Going back!

15:00 an hour ago

4Q | 5:19

ANNOTATION! Baltimore fails to respond and drops Tyreek Hill’s second run, the Dolphins tie the game.

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14:51 an hour ago

4Q | 7:47

ANNOTATION! Tyreek Hill with the reception for Miami to get 7 apart.

14:48 an hour ago

4Q | 7:58

Miami’s offense is approaching again, those led by Tua Tagovailoa cross midfield.

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14:40 2 hours ago

4Q | 12:12

ANNOTATION! Tua Togavailoa’s pass to River Cracraft for the Ravens’ third.

14:36 ​​2 hours ago

4Q | 13:15

Dolphins gets into the red zone and seeks to close the gap again.

14:30 2 hours ago

4Q | 15:00

The last period started.

14:27 2 hours ago

goodbye to the third

The third quarter ends, the Ravens’ lead remains at 21.

14:23 2 hours ago

3Q | 0:37

ANNOTATION! Lamar Jackson’s escape to score and increase the lead for the Ravens again.

14:19 2 hours ago

3Q | 2:18

Miami fails to get close to the red zone and performs a punt to lock up Baltimore at its 13-yard line.

14:16 2 hours ago

3Q | 3:47

Tua Togavailoa’s offense advancing little by little on the grid, the Dolphins want to cut the difference to 1 touchdown.

14:12 2 hours ago

3Q | 6:18

The Ravens are stopped on their first drive of the second half and forced to punt.

14:07 2 hours ago

Up and score!

14:03 2 hours ago

3Q | 7:52

ANNOTATION! Mike Gesicki receives a 14-yard pass from Tua Tagovailoa for the Dolphins to cut the score in half.

14:01 2 hours ago

Before halftime!

14:00 2 hours ago

3Q | 10:30

Good restart from Miami that rushes forward to try to score quickly.

13:51 2 hours ago

3Q | 15:00

The third quarter begins.

13:37 3 hours ago


We go into the break with a 21 lead for Baltimore.

13:35 3 hours ago

2Q | 0:29

ANNOTATION! Shotgun pass to Demarcus Robinson and the Ravens take a 21 lead. Justin Tucker’s extra is nice.

13:33 3 hours ago

2Q | 0:37

Baltimore is getting closer but they have a few seconds left on the clock, they want to increase the lead even more.

13:19 3 hours ago

Consecutive scoring!

13:13 3 hours ago

2Q | 4:03

After review, the annotation is cancelled. But on the next play, Jackson and Andrews connect again to score again. The extra is good.

13:12 3 hours ago

2Q | 4:17

The play is under review because Mark Andrews appears to have been tackled before entering the end zone.

13:10 3 hours ago

2Q | 4:23

ANNOTATION! Lamar Jackson’s pass to Mark Andrews and a lead of 14 for Baltimore.

13:09 3 hours ago

Taking back the lead!

13:03 3 hours ago

2Q | 7:01

On Miami’s second offense, they are slowed down by Baltimore and are forced to punt.

13:02 3 hours ago

The one with the draw!

12:57 3 hours ago

2Q | 10:44

ANNOTATION! Second Ravens offense, where Lamar Jackson connects with Rashod Bateman and runs 75 yards for the second touchdown.

12:52 3 hours ago

2Q | 10:54

ANNOTATION! Tua Togavailoa with the short pass to the left to Jaylen Waddle to score. Jason Sanders’ extra is good and the game is tied.

12:50 3 hours ago

2Q | 12:21

Series of short passes by Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins get into the Baltimore 11-yard line.

12:48 3 hours ago

2Q | 13:08

59-yard pass to Jaylen Waddle to get Miami out of the lockdown at their 3-yard line and across midfield.

12:42 4 hours ago

2Q | 14:43

Ravens offensive error that ends with a bad start and they fail to score.

12:38 4 hours ago

2Q | 14:58

After review, the score is voided and we have 4th and goal.

12:36 4 hours ago

2Q | 14:56

Lamar Jackson’s scoring play is under review.

12:35 4 hours ago

2Q | 14:56

As expected, on third down Lamar Jackson scores for the Ravens.

12:32 4 hours ago

2Q | 15:00

The second quarter begins.

12:31 4 hours ago

end of the first

The first quarter ends, the Ravens fail to score before the whistle and leave with a lead of 7.

12:29 4 hours ago

1Q | 1:55

Lamar Jackson’s escape to leave the ball a few yards from the end zone.

12:24 4 hours ago


12:22 4 hours ago

1Q | 4:31

Baltimore continues with the carries and is slowly approaching the red zone of Miami.

12:19 4 hours ago

1Q | 7:55

Lamar Jackson’s first offense that already crosses midfield with mostly running plays.

12:16 4 hours ago

Ravens strike first!

12:14 4 hours ago

1Q | 10:39

First Dolphins offense culminating in an interception for Tua Tagovailoa on the Baltimore 20.

12:07 4 hours ago

1Q | 14:47

ANNOTATION! Devin Duvernay’s kick return and the Ravens surprise from the start.

12:01 4 hours ago

1Q | 15:00

He kicked off the game at M&T Bank Stadium.

11:56 4 hours ago

About to start

We are a few minutes away from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous protocols of the NFL.

11:51 4 hours ago

Fine-tuning details!

11:46 5 hours ago

Heating up motors!

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11:36 5 hours ago


Adrian Hill will be the central referee in this duel between Dolphins and Ravens in week 2 of the 2022 NFL Season.

11:31 5 hours ago

The Ravens have arrived!

11:26 5 hours ago

The Dolphins have arrived!

11:21 5 hours ago

Last duel!

The last confrontation between both teams was in the 2021 regular season when the Dolphins won by a score of 22 to 10, in this game the Ravens’ defense failed to contain TuaTagovailoa who managed to score and give a touchdown pass.

11:16 5 hours ago

Face to face

11:11 5 hours ago

Let’s start!

We’re just under an hour before the Dolphins-Ravens game kicks off at M&T Bank Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will make it? Follow our coverage on VAVEL to find out.

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Don’t leave here to follow this game!

11:01 5 hours ago

Where to see the game?

10:56 5 hours ago

Lamar Jackson, player to watch!

10:51 5 hours ago

How does Baltimore get there?

The Baltimore team arrives after not qualifying for the postseason the previous year, they finished in last place in the North Division of the American conference with a record of 8 wins and 9 losses. These fought for one of the last tickets to the Wild Cards round until the last week and they were only 1 win away from getting to the playoffs. The 2021 NFL season started in the best way with a record of 8 wins and only 2 losses, but the team fell in recent weeks dragging a negative streak of 6 consecutive losses, including the loss in the last week against the Steelers in the game that defined who advanced to the postseason. Now, the team has put this history behind them and will look to have a good year to return to the playoffs. In the 2020 season, they made it all the way to the divisional playoffs and surprised everyone with a good year, which had not been seen since the 2012 championship. Baltimore enters this game with the mark of 23 consecutive wins in preseason games and with a good start to the season with a victory against the Jets by a score of 24 to 9. The negotiations between Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are the subject that dominates the atmosphere of the team and this could be an important topic for the players to get distracted and do not achieve their goals.

10:46 6 hours ago

Tua Tagovailoa, player to watch!

10:41 6 hours ago

How does Miami get there?

The Miami team starts a new season in the American Conference, after finishing the regular season in third place in the east of its conference with a record of 9 wins and 8 losses; with these results, the team was out of the postseason. This was one of the main reasons why the team decided to renew the offense around Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback and with great players like Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead. In addition, Mike McDaniel joined the team as head coach for this season where the goal is to add many victories. The team had a great preseason with wins over the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. The team’s mission will be to fight back to back against the Bills and Patriots for a ticket to the next round of the NFL. In their first game of the season, the Dolphins pulled out a victory over New England by a score of 20-7.

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Where is the game?

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Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the transmission of the match between Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens live, corresponding to the duel of Week 2 of the 2022 NFL Season. The match will take place at the M&T Bank Stadium, at 12 o’clock.

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Scores and summary of the Dolphins 42-38 Ravens in NFL 2022 | 09/18/2022