Salary cap for teams in the NFL for the 2022 season


All 32 NFL teams are nearing the start of free agency. Consequently, they must create the list with the names of their members who are ready for their release on the open market. Also, being in the offseason, they must prepare the 2022 campaign and have their finances in perfect shape. In addition, all this implies adapting to the salary cap that the league imposes each season. The above, since the salary cap is the salary limit that no team can exceed when paying its entire squad.

The salary cap changes every season; that is, it can increase or decrease according to the income of the NFL. Therefore, for the 2022 season it is expected to reach 208.2 million dollars. This represents an increase of approximately $26 million over the 2021 season. In contrast, over previous years’ figures, the salary cap decreased from $198.2 million in 2020 to $182.5 million in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19.

Salary cap for teams in the NFL for the 2022
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How do teams work against the salary cap?

Although the salary cap is the same for all NFL teams, this does not mean that everyone is obliged to cover the entire budget. On the other hand, there are some franchises that do not cover the total salary cap and there is no problem. However, those teams that find themselves exceeding the salary cap by several million will have to figure out how to reach $208.2 million before the 2022 season begins.

Below is a list of where the 32 NFL teams stand with respect to the current available salary cap. It also gives an indication of what to expect from franchisees in free agency. Dead money corresponds to those contracts of players who are no longer with the team, but are still being paid a salary. In addition, the player positions that each team needs or is currently seeking for the start of the 2022 season are presented.

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Situation before the 2022 salary cap of teams with positive disposable salary

Equipment Available Salary Dead Salary Key Free Agent requirements
Miami Dolphins 60.2 million 1.6 million Mike Gesicki (Tight End) OL, WR, CB, S
jacksonville jaguars 59.2 million 17.8 million Cam Robinson (Offensive Tackle) OL, WR, CB, S
Los Angeles Chargers 56.3 million 314,722 Mike WilliamsWide Receiver OT, DT, CB, EDGE
Cincinnati Bengals 49.4 million 3.5 million Jessie Bates (Safety) OL, CB, S, DT
New York Jets 48.2 million 1.5 million Braxton Berrios (Wide Receiver) WR, EDGE, LB TE
Denver Broncos 38.1 million 6.3 million Kenny Young (Linebacker) QB, LB, OT, EDGE
Indianapolis Colts 35.6 million 5.1 million George Odum (Safety) WR, TE, OT, EDGE
Seattle Seahawks 34.8 million 10.9 million Quandre Diggs (Safety) TE, OT, C, EDGE
Washington Commanders 31.9 million 702,996 Brandon Scherff (Guard) QB, WR, LB, CB
Pittsburgh Steelers 28.7 million 22.4 million Ahkello Witherspoon (Cornerback) QB, OT, C
Chicago Bears 25.3 million 16.03 million Allen Robinson (Wide Receiver) WR, OL, CB, LB
cleveland browns 23.6 million 3.3 million Jadeveon Clowney (Defensive End) WR, EDGE, DT, LB
Detroit Lions 21.2 million 8.2 million Tracy Walker (Safety) EDGE, S, WR, TE
las vegas raiders 18.9 million 10.3 million Casey Haywarth Jr. (Cornerback) CB, WR, OT, DT
philadelphia eagles 18.5 million 28.1 million Jordan Howard (Running Back) WR, OG, LB, S
Houston Texans 16.6 million 35.5 million Justin Britt (Center) QB, CB, OL, DL, WR
Carolina Panthers 12.4 million 19.4 million Stephon Gilmore (Cornerback) QB, OL, S
Kansas City Chiefs 11.2 million 6.5 million Tyrann Mathieu (Safety) WR, OT, EDGE, S
Baltimore Ravens 8.8 million 760,660 Bradley Bozeman (Center) OT, DT, CB, S
New England Patriots 8.3 million 3.1 million JC Jackson (Cornerback) WR, EDGE, CB, LB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2.4 million 11.9 million Chris Godwin (Wide Receiver) QB, WR, C, CB

Situation before the 2022 salary cap of teams with negative disposable salary

Equipment Available Salary Dead Salary Key Free Agent requirements
arizona cardinals -813,256 399,577 Chandler Jones (Linebacker) RB, CB, WR, G
San Francisco 49ers -4.5 million 5.2 million Laken Tomlinson (Guard) CB, OG, EDGE, S
buffalo bills -6.4 million 4.4 million Harrison Phillips (Defensive Tackle) RB, OG, CB
Atlanta Falcons -7.3 million 20.4 million Cordarelle Patterson (Wide Receiver) WR, OG, EDGE, S
Tennessee Titans -8.3 million 2.1 million Ben Jones (Center) WR, OT, TE, OG
New York Giants -12.2 million 4.3 million Evan Engram (Tight End) OT, OG, C, EDGE
minnesota vikings -16.04 million 8.2 million Anthony Barr (Linebacker) CB, EDGE, S, LB
Los Angeles Rams -21.6 million 689,443 Von Miller (Linebacker) CB, OG, C, EDGE
Dallas Cowboys -22.2 million 9.03 million Randy Gregory (Defensive End) OG, DT, S, C
Green Bay Packers -39.7 million 7.4 million Davante Adams (Wide Receiver) WR, EDGE, DT, TE
New Orleans Saints -76.2 million 12.4 million Terron Armstead (Tackle) QB, WR, OG, DT

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Salary cap for teams in the NFL for the 2022 season