Russell Wilson upset about being ruled out of NFL Week 15

Russell Wilsonquarterback of the denver broncoswas discarded this Friday by his coach Nathaniel Hackett for the match against arizona cardinals of the next Sunday corresponding to the Week 15 of the 2022 NFL season.

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“As an organization we decided to give another week to recover and that he is ready to go play against the Los Angeles Rams”, said Hackett regarding his player, who passed concussion protocol for the blow he took in last week’s game they lost to the Chiefs.

In the last period of that duel Wilson crashed to the ground in a play, a moment after the hit the cameras showed a considerable bump on the side of your foreheadfor which he entered concussion protocol and no longer returned to the game.

Hackett said that when the quarterback received the news that he would not play, he was upset.

“Russ is one of our main competitors in this game, he’s amazing. We inform him of the decision and of course he is not happy with it. He wants to play. He is very competitive as we all know,” she detailed.

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Despite Wilson’s annoyance, the coach stressed how important it is for the Broncos to take care of their quarterback.

“After discussing and talking throughout this week we have decided what is best for our organization. It’s the best for Russell. We talked about this from the top to the bottom.”

Russell Wilson’s disappointing season

Russell Wilson left at the end of 2021 the seattle seahawksteam he was with 10 yearswon a Super Bowl and in which he was considered a legend.

He signed for the 2022 season with Denver a five-year, $245 million contract which made him one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

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The expectation generated by his arrival at the Broncos has been diluted with a season of poor results in which the team already He has no chance of qualifying for the playoffs.; It occupies the last position in the West division of the American Conference with three wins and 10 losses.

In the campaign Russell Wilson accumulates 2,805 yards11 touchdowns and six interceptions.

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Russell Wilson upset about being ruled out of NFL Week 15