Roger Rojas unburdens himself when he reaches the National Team: ‘I have had a difficult time; this game is very special ‘- Ten – Diario Deportivo

Roger Rojas unburdens himself when he reaches the National Team

Roger Rojas came to the national team at the last minute, but he did so with the illusion of scoring and qualifying for the semifinals, he recognizes that he dreamed of returning to the H at every moment and now he does not want to miss the opportunity because he knows that a good match opens him up. the gates in the tie.

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Rojas reveals that he was called by Arnold Cruz since Monday and did not stop thinking that at any moment he would summon him until he received the official notification on Wednesday.

How have you received this call?

I have always followed the national team and when one is not there, there is always the desire that one wants to be here, but when seeing the situation of how everything was, the opportunity to be there always crossed my mind and there is always the illusion of putting on the Honduras shirt and I have to thank God, try to take advantage of it because the teammates are playing well, now you can see the change with Professor Coito.

What came to mind when they called you?

That in every Carthaginian training session I always thought I was going to be here, I told God that I was working to get to the National Team and everything that one professes with one’s mouth is done when one has faith, my wife and God know that I am not lying, Now I am happy because I knew that the moment would come, now I wish the colleagues who stayed a better recovery.

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I have to know how to take advantage of it, with pride, passion and dedication, I want to do it well and hopefully it brings goals. We are facing a big rival, I come here to contribute because they take the credits of having qualified up to here.

A good role here opens the doors for the playoffs.

Saturday is an important game for everyone, but very special for me because of what I have gone through and lived through, this comes from God and many things are defined like the ones you say, I want to have the most fun and feel that shirt.

What have you been through and lived to return?

I have had difficult moments, last year I hardly played, they said things that I was not going to play soccer again, I kept quiet because I know they were lies, I always told my family that I will not give interviews about that because my answer will be on the field Today I am playing soccer and I am still here, God knows the sacrifice I have made in this time.

What are you excited about on Saturday?

First of all, I don’t play with the public for days, in Costa Rica it is behind closed doors and I have read that it will be full, it is something that excites me a lot and I hope to play a good game if they give me the opportunity, otherwise, I am a very loyal person who I support to my teammates one hundred percent, I hope we can win.

How do you feel about coming and playing for Mexico?

They are a great team, one of the best in the area, they are beautiful games and I put myself at the command of the teacher, I want to adapt quickly, I know my teammates.

You weren’t there for the previous Gold Cup for a minute.

It’s true, I was on the bench for all three games and I wondered why, why, one always questions, but God has something ahead and now I hope to take advantage of it.

Do you see yourself qualifying for semis?

Yes, we have a good team, there are good players despite the injuries and the Covid, I see the teammates well, encouraged and united, Mexico will not be easy and we give them the respect they deserve, but we want to

What worries you about them?

They have a compact team in defense, upstairs is Rogelio Funes Mori who is having a good time, but on the court we are 11 against 11, we must avoid mistakes because they make it easy and we must be very solid since it can be extended, hopefully we win .