Rogelio Funes Mori raises the competition in the Mexican National Team: Tata Martino

Tata Martino enlists the debut of Rogelio Funes Mori with the Mexican National Team, a striker who will raise the competition in the Tricolor

After the first work week of Rogelio Funes Mori with the Mexican teamGerardo Martino commented that the forward meets all the qualities that a player must have to increase the competitiveness of the team.

“Footballers will always be called up to help the rest grow, to improve the competitiveness of the group and of course to have a performance according to a selected footballer. It seems to me that he meets all these edges and what remains is that he also has individually a good development, “said the Argentine coach.

About the pressure that I might have Rogelio Funes Mori Due to his debut in the next Gold Cup, the coach pointed out that a professional player, like the naturalized Mexican striker, must be used to this type of encounter.

“I believe that, today, a professional footballer knows how to live and coexist with that pressure, much more a highly competitive footballer such as a national team player. Therefore, beyond what I could tell him, it seems to me that what one has to trust is their ability to absorb this type of pressure and to know how to develop their game, understanding in this special case also their pressure on their figure and their position in the game “.

Regarding the support provided by Yon de Luisa, President of the Mexican Soccer Federation, for not summoning Javier Hernández and yes to Funes mori, Martino commented that from the first day he arrived at the national team, the line of his call was never dictated.

“I do not understand that the call does not depend solely and exclusively on the coach and the coach. The truth is, if there had been something different, they are topics to present to the coach. Yes, when he tells me there are players who cannot be called up, I can decide if I want to To be there or I don’t want to be. When that did not happen, because it is one of the things that I ask, of having my call with absolute freedom, everything that happens in terms of calling the players who enter and those who leave, depends purely and exclusively me and my coaching staff “.