Reynoso: it takes away my sleep to recover the players who had many games

The Machine, in the tie against Rayados, could not count on Orbelín Pineda, Luis Romo or Sebastián Jurado

Juan Reynoso, technical director of Blue Cross, He admitted that what matters most to him at this time is to recover the players who have had many games so far this year and thus have the full squad as soon as possible to start changing the results.

Cruz Azul could not count tonight with elements such as Luis Romo and Orbelín Pineda due to the load of matches during the summer with the Mexican National Team in its different categories and, in the same tenor, was Sebastian Jurado, who also made the trip to Tokyo for the Olympics.

“We bet on game by game, continue to grow, recover players, have their best individual level and recover those who had many games, which is what keeps me awake. Every time we look better and with the whole group we are going to see ourselves as the team we want to be, “he said at a press conference after the draw against Monterrey.

He even endorsed that he does not like to show his players to the media and the things he has to improve he says in the dressing room for a matter of respect and codes, which he keeps very private.

“I comment on that to the players. By code and respect for them I do not say it publicly (which I did not like about them). There are fine details that speaking publicly is not my style, but in self-criticism we know that there is much to correct. and with the video many will be ratified and others will be rectified, but we are in the idea of ​​constant feedback to continue growing as a team “.

Finally, questioned about the performance of the referee Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán, he maintained that this is an evaluation of the media, since he has a very high esteem for the central defender and considered him one of the best in Liga MX.

“The party was mutating. An even game. In the second half we were superior until the expulsion. For me Jorge Pérez is the top-3 of the refereeing and the evaluation is done by you. I would have liked it to be played with more fluidity, but you will tell us about their performance ”, he concluded.

On the other hand, Javier Aguirre, technical director of Monterrey, confessed that it has cost him to put together a starting eleven and that he even had to resort to the Expansión League team to complete the call for the game against the Machine.

“I have trouble putting eleven together. He had five youngsters from Expansión who played yesterday. We lowered it to the mere hour so that it was cool .. ‘Guti’ (Edson gutierrez) is viable and ‘Banana’ (Jose Alvarado) too. They performed like the whole team. With ups and downs, Cruz Azul was better, but we knew how to equalize ”, he concluded.