Reports: Milan asks for Tecatito before cooling off with Sevilla

According to OJogo, a Portuguese newspaper, Milan spoke to the Lusitanian board to find out the status of Jesús Corona and the price of his letter

ITALY – The Milan asked for Jesus Manuel ‘Tecatito’ Corona after the negotiations with the Seville They will be locked and paused due to the price of the Mexican player, since a percentage of his card belongs to Twente of the Netherlands, which is why the Dragons increased their price before it is free the following year.

According to Eye, newspaper of Portugal, the Italian team spoke to the Lusitanian board to find out the status of the player and the price of his card, although there is no formal offer from the Lombard team.

And it is that the same newspaper announced since last Tuesday that the negotiations between the Seville and the Porto They got cold and are at a crossroads, since the Spanish management does not want to overpay for the services of the Mexican.

“If the Italians decide to go ahead, they already know that the Blue and Whites intend to make an investment of the order of 13 million euros for 66.5% of the player’s pass. The remaining 33.5% is shared by Twente (30%) and the athlete (3.5%) ”, wrote the Lusitanian newspaper.

Despite everything, the ‘Tecatito’ He is focused on Porto and will not rush his departure from the Dragons, as he is comfortable with the team that Sergio Conceicao leads. While reaching another league draws his attention, the winger looks confident that the best for his career will happen.

For several seasons, Sevilla have had an interest in Corona. It was Monchi, sports president of the Sevillian club, who has praised the level of ‘Tecatito’ and who several times asked for his services.