Replay: Patriots are Super Bowl LI champions by defeating Falcons

Ladies and gentlemen, with you, the greatest dynasty in NFL history and the most winning quarterback: The New England Patriots.

In the first Super Bowl ever you need overtime, it The Patriots captured their fifth NFL championship by coming back from a 25-point deficit and defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

Super Bowl LI is already an immediate classic of the sport.

Patriots is the new living museum. A team that did not stop believing in themselves despite the fact that the trophy Vince Lombardi was practically already being engraved with the opponent’s name.

Authentic Patriots who defended to the death what is theirs and snatched the victory from the Falcons when they were bled and about to suffer his fifth setback in this instance.

Tom Brady cleared doubts in the space city. He is the best quarterback of all time. In his personal showcase there are five titles and four MVP appointments. He finished the night with 466 yards, two touchdown passes to set his Super Bowl best.

Brady earns his fourth MVP nomination

But above all, Brady ended up showing that the Hall of Fame is an arena in which he will be at the top. And the best thing for him is that it was in a season in which he was harassed and repressed by the theme “Desflategate”, which cost him to miss the first four games of the year. Brady was applauded by most of the 70,807 fans who were at NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI. The quarterback was recognized by Commissioner Roger Goodell who sentenced him to a real witch hunt.

Down 28-3 at the end of the third period, Brady took it upon himself to erase all the festivities that were already planned in Atlanta and around Georgia. The 25 points below it seems that they were like drinking water for New England who began to gulp down on the board and was finally able to send to overtime.

Never before in the history of the Super Bowl has a difference of more than 10 points been traced, nor has a Super Bowl been defined before in overtime.. Never before has there been a team with the guts of the Patrios and the concentration that only their coach Bill Belichick manages to inject. Brady cleaned up his only sin in the match.

An 82-yard interception that cornerback Robert Alford was responsible for returning to the end zone. It was the first time that the future Hall of Fame suffered a pick-six. For Belichick it was his seventh Super Bowl win, fifth as head coach after earning two rings as the Giants defensive coordinator.

The most potent offense in the NFL, it just didn’t finish the job. Just seven points in the second half for Falcons. Quarterback Matt Ryan became the fifth to be named MVP of the season and lose the Super Bowl. Houston, we have a champion. Houston are legend.

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Replay: Patriots are Super Bowl LI champions by defeating Falcons