Referee hands over money he received during a soccer game in Guatemala

It happened in the First Division of Guatemalan football and the case will not be investigated by the authorities

GUATEMALA – The Disciplinary Body of the First Division League Guatemalan soccer team will not investigate the case of ‘gifts’ that an unknown person wanted to deliver to a referee quartet after a match in that league, the second most important in local football.

The entity did not rule in its resolution and the case will remain only for the records, despite the fact that it could be a recurring act that threatens the ‘fair play’ in Guatemalan soccer.

It was the commissioner Alvaro Moran and the referee Jerome Coc, along with his assistants Julio Pérez and Nery Torres and the fourth referee Braulio Sol, who decided to set an example of honesty and transparency by reporting the incident.

“When we were inside the dressing room together with the refereeing quartet (…) an unidentified person entered and in the presence of the refereeing quartet he addressed me and In my diary that he used for the notes he put the exact amount of a thousand quetzals arguing that it was for the payment of the hotel for the refereeing team and myself saying that I delivered it without any commitment acquired with him either before during or after the match (sic) “, reads the report of the commissioner to which he had access ESPN Digital.

“He was told that it was not correct and that please receive the cash again and that we should not accept more than our fees and per diem, refusing to receive it and leaving the dressing room did not receive the cash so I attach it to my report and I deliver the amount of one thousand exact quetzals in a denomination of 10 bills of 100 quetzals each ”, concludes the account of Mr. Álvaro Morán.

It happened at the Los Cuchumatanes stadium, in the match of Xinabajul-Huehue against San Pedro (2-0), played last Sunday.

The Disciplinary Body of the First Division only knew the incidents of the game and fined the Xinabajul-Huehue with 10 thousand 750 quetzals because he became fond of the stands, without this being allowed by the sanitary regulations that prevail in the country.