Records that could be broken this 2022 NFL season

Records are there to be broken and new records could be set in the nascent NFL season.

To talk about historical numbers, Tom Brady gets ready to continue writing his legacy, the new campaign would bring with it a new record for the best quarterback in history; on Sept. 11 when he faces the Dallas Cowboys, he will be the first 45-year-old quarterback to start a game.

will surpass Steve DeBerg, who held the record at 44 years and 279 days with the Atlanta Falcons in the 1998 season.

As if that weren’t enough, Brady can break his own records; in 2022 he could top passing yards and reach 90 thousandcurrently adds 84 thousand 520, in addition to which it would exceed 20 seasons with more than 20 thousand yards.

Another of the most talented quarterbacks could also make history, Aaron Rodgers will be looking to win his third consecutive Most Valuable Player award., brand currently held by Brett Favre; last season, Rodgers broke the former quarterback’s record by reaching 449 touchdown passes, to Favre’s 442.

Rodgers has won the MVP four times, 2011, 2014, 2020 and 2021if he gets it again in the nascent season, he could match the historic Peyton Manning, who won it five times.

Records are not always positive, as the new Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Matt Ryan could add an unprecedented one in the NFL and that is that he would be the first to lose to the 32 franchises in the Leaguefor this he would have to fall against his former team, Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last season left the Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, as one of the best in his position and could reach a record for the 2022 season, as he has 98 sacks, if he makes two more, he would become the 40th player to achieve 100 quarterback sacks.

During the preseason new records have also been written in the NFL, because the Baltimore Ravens linked 22 victories, although those triumphs do not count, it is a streak that has remained in the statistical books; the brand started in 2016 when they defeated the Carolina Panthers.

In addition to those mentioned, a record could be broken in a contract, since Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tuckerwill break a record, being the highest paid in that position, It will receive 24 million dollars for until 2027.


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Records that could be broken this 2022 NFL season