Raiola’s ‘crazy’ request for Haaland

This summer, despite the expected effects of the pandemic in the coffers of the clubs, he is being tremendously active. Sergio Ramos and Leo Messi together in Paris, Manchester United taking over their eternal desire, Jadon Sancho, and putting Varane the red carpet for a new adventure outside of Real Madrid, the white team itself every day closer to a Kylian Mbappé for which have already presented a juicy offer (160 million) … However, mid-summer, another operation could have stolen headlines from all those detailed here: the signing of Erling Haaland by Chelsea.

Chelsea Shield / Flag

The negotiation, yes, remained in the initial phase and the reason is detailed ‘Bild‘, the titanic pretensions of Mino Raiola. When the blues knocked on the door of the battering ram’s agent, the response was overwhelming: the Italian asked 50 million euros a year for his client (he now charges 8), of which 5% (2.5 million) would go to Mino’s pocket; in addition to a commission for the transfer of 40 million

Haaland statistics last year.

Monstrous amounts that, before even negotiating a price with Dortmund, would have made him invest 300 million euros in Abramovich (the contract was for five years). Next summer, when Haaland is expected to pack up and leave Signal Iduna Park, sparks will fly. Is spoken a clause of 75 million that will be activated in 2022, but that, adds the aforementioned medium, can be raised to 90 if certain conditions are met. That is, about 400 million if Raiola repeats the request …

Chelsea’s swerve

Chelsea, as soon as they knew the amount they had to face, withdrew from the bidding and this triggered the, so far, most expensive operation of the summer: Lukaku’s return to Stamford Bridge in exchange for 115 million euros. A transfer that, if the Mbappé case ends up being resolved before August 31, could remain in the second drawer of the summer podium, since Bondy’s will not leave PSG for less than 160 million. Haaland, meanwhile, will continue a further course drilling networks in favor of the whole borusser. Will it be your last season in Dortmund? That is what the rest of the bidders will try, with Real Madrid in the lead …