Queue to take away Kubo

1628080877 Queue to take away Kubo

Takefusa kubo return to Madrid next week after being one of the main sensations of the Olympic games. He has left in Tokyo to fight for the bronze medal against Mexico before returning to the discipline of Real Madrid to analyze his future. The Japanese have been unable for the third year in a row to stay in the white team because of the passport. It is likely that in the 22-23 and if his progression continues, he may have a hole in the first team, since the nationalization, at least, of Vinicius is expected. Meanwhile, he has to pack his suitcase in the form of assignment …

Offers to go out are not lacking. Even the offices of Valdebebas Multiple proposals are coming in to get hold of the Japanese services. Most of them in the form of transfer, which is the option that Madrid wants again, which does not want to lose track of it. There is still faith in him, despite the fact that the season was not finished with the assignments. First at Villarreal and then at Getafe he did not finish imposing, although it is true that in the Azuln team he had more minutes and a goal of his ended up sealing the permanence of Bordals.

For this season that starts in just ten days, the phone continues to ring in the offices of the Real Madrid and the team that is showing the most interest is the Real Sociedad, a team in which he already served in the military. Odegaard and with which the white club maintains excellent relations. The txuri urdin team is the best placed, but there are other clubs such as Mallorca, where he was already on loan, that are also interested in the player, as well as clubs from the Bundesliga. Kubo is not lacking in proposals, to make a decision when the adventure of the Olympic Games ends.

LaLiga wants him in Spain

It will be one of the sensations in the Games: Cudruple cao and a great goal from Kubo

Although he has not yet played in one of the great LaLiga clubs, the media pull of Kubo is spectacular.Mallorca’s matches were the most watched in Japan in 19-20 and the same happened last year with Villarreal and Getafe, beating Madrid and Bara in audience. There is Kubomana and Madrid would have a vein with him if one day he could make a place for him in the first team.

KuboFor now, he’s taking it easy and his goal is to find a team to play for regularly. His dream is to play for Madrid one day, but for that he knows that he has to take the right steps and become an irrefutable football option. The passport works against him and that is why Kubo wants to find a team in which to show all his talent and in which he can show that he is ready to play for Madrid.