PSG leaves Neymar without games

Neither Neymar nor Marquinhos will be at the Tokyo Games, except for a last minute miracle. Brazil is very upset that PSG has vetoed the presence of its two players at the Olympics. As reported by ESPN Brazil, the Brazilian Football Confederation, in the person of its president, sent an official letter a few weeks ago to PSG, the club to which the two footballers belong, almost imploring them to let both participate in the Olympic Games, almost as a favor to the nation.

However, PSG, which does not have the obligation to release its players to participate in the Games with a foreign team, has replied, according to ESPN Brazil, also sending a letter in which it explains that it does not give its permission to both. footballers so that they are in the appointment because “it is not an official competition”. PSG explains that its response that the competition is outside the FIFA dates for international matches and does not contemplate that at that time the players are playing any tournament.

Disappointment and anger in Brazil.

In Brazil the news has set like a jug of cold water. Neymar was counted as the great star who would flag his team to revalidate the title won in 2016. Neymar’s contract stipulates that the player must be released for any “official” match of his team. However, in this case it does not have that value with FIFA as a guarantor and Brazil will not be able to count on its great star. The CBF has discussed with PSG about the value and category of an Olympic Games, but according to ESPN Brazil, it has encountered the French club’s closure.

PSG had a lot of problems in the physical preparation of their players this season. In fact, this is pointed out as one of the reasons why the team did not get the league title. He lost vital points early in the championship, when he couldn’t count on many of his best footballers. PSG had reached the Champions League final in 2020. The season was extended with that final phase in Portugal and the players left to have just a few days off. Ligue 1 was one of the first to restart, as it had also been the first to be suspended. Tuchel, who was still a PSG coach at the time, expressed his regret for not having been able to carry out adequate preparation to restart the season and his team began the championship with doubts, something that later dragged until the end already with Pochettino. Now PSG does not want to take the same risk one of its stars.