Praise: the ‘4 de Ramos is not too big for him

1628447762 Praise the 4 de Ramos is not too big for

ANDl Real Madrid He ended his preseason with a 0-0 draw against Milan that left four starters: the intention of the game is very good, Praise Is a crack, Bale wants … and the team still without a goal. The news is therefore almost all good, but the most important thing is missing, what has weighed down Madrid in recent seasons: the goal. It is true that Benzema has not played this season yet, but that the white team once again have to depend so much on the French is still a major problem. As not come Mbapp

The list of attackers in Madrid is very good. Jovic I played good minutes Bale I tried and had a penalty to win the game, Rodrigo and Vinicius They continue to excite the club, but when it comes to creating clear chances … the team lacks. Ancelotti has work to make this team, with very good game intention, a team with a fang.

The best of the meeting was Praise, which is crack. Great game by the Austrian, who showed in 45 minutes that Madir was outstanding when it came to closing his signing. The new number 4 of Madrid has it all. And he left the feeling that he even has a goal, that he could not use a bad team …

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Praise, a debut to dream

Praise the 4 de Ramos is not too big for

David Alaba made his debut with Real Madrid and showed that the white team was not wrong with his signing. It was only 45 minutes, but enough to see that it is a crack. Neither the debut nor the ‘4’ of Sergio Ramos weighed on him and after a minute of play he appeared providential at the crossroads to avoid a shot from Giroud. He also realized then that defending in Madrid is something else and that he will have to run backwards a lot and with spaces. He has plenty of physique for it.

Alaba played next to Nacho, on the left profile, giving a very clean ball out. He was also brave to go on the attack and touched the goal with a cannon shot from 30 meters. A very complete match and to get excited about a player who has the mission that Real Madrid do not miss Ramos or Varane.

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