Power Rankings: Week 10; Titans and Patriots climb in the AFC, Cardinals regain the top

Josh Allen was intercepted by Josh Allen, a covered kick by the Cowboys that produced a first and 10 for the Broncos, an offensive series of Chargers who started at the 1-yard line and finished with no points after advancing 98 yards, four teams with a winning percentage below .500 defeated teams that entered as division leaders, this and other strange quirks, occurred in Week 9 of the NFL.

The league again was hit by multiple surprise results that alter the landscape of the Power Ranking.

The new number one in the rankings is an old former number one.

The Arizona Cardinals continue to find ways to win. On the trip to San Francisco, the head coach Kliff Kingsbury understood that in addition to missing his starting quarterback Kyler Murray and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, he had to develop the window of opportunity to return home with victory.

At 8-1, Arizona holds the best record in the NFC and the NFL.

As another of those strangeness, the Rams do not like to top the list, since again they descend after a week in which, like Canelo, they wore the crown.to. Neither the arrival of Von Miller, who did not play, helped keep the pulse.

1.- Arizona Cardinals (8-1)

Last week: 4

With some of its best players out with injury, Arizona escaped the San Francisco fire thanks to a great performance from James Corner who ran for two touchdowns and added one more in connection with Colt McCoy. The team is solid and no longer generates doubts about the beginning of the year.

2.- Tennessee Titans (7-2)

Last week: 6

It’s amazing to think how this team lost to the Jets, but in the 2021 NFL anything can happen. Without Derrick Henry they beat the Rams to plunge into a sweet winning streak against teams that made the playoffs last year like Los Angeles, Kansas City, Buffalo. With just 194 yards of offense, they doubled the Rams.

3.- Los Angeles Rams (7-2)

Last week: 1

This team is overwhelmed by the floodlights and they are used to playing under the Hollywood lights. Every time you scroll to the first site, you only do so to lose it again. They must get used to the eyes of the world if they want to be part of the Super Bowl that is played at home.

4.- Green Bay Packers (7-2)

Last week: 2

Jordan Love’s first start was not what he and the Packers fans would have wanted, but at least it served to show that the team is not ready to part with Aaron Rodgers even if he is in the middle of the hurricane for his comments against covid vaccines. . Love didn’t carburize until the last quarter and that cost in the loss to Chiefs.

5.- Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Last week: 11

This team moves up and down the rankings at the speed of Lamar Jackson’s legs. Justin Tucker again delivered a winning field goal in overtime. It did not matter that it was not as long as when he set the NFL record, but it still served for the Ravens to continue in search of the first seeds heading to the playoffs.

6.- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2)

Last week: 5

Week of rest for sunbathing and piña coladas in Florida, although knowing Tom Brady, he surely took advantage of the time to train.

7.- Dallas Cowboys (6-2)

Last week: 3

When this team was thought to be a legitimate contender for a Super Bowl ticket, a blow of disappointment overwhelmed Arlington. The home loss to the Broncos was more demoralizing than when they lost Dak Prescott in Week 8.

8.- Buffalo Bills (5-3)

Last week: 7

The doubts about this team are legitimate. Their triumphs, eliminating Kansas City, have been against teams with a losing record and come from losing with the Jaguars. Yet they still have the potential to fight for the AFC.

9.-Los Angeles Chargers (5-3)

Last week: 13

The Chargers snapped a two-game losing streak. Justin Herbert completed 32 of 38 passes for 356 yards, but especially the Los Angeles quarterback continues to show that he is several steps above his generation.

10.- Kansas City Chiefs (5-4)

Last week: 12

The Chiefs’ defensive game plan changed when they learned that Aaron Rodgers was not playing. Kansas City was dedicated to bombarding Jordan Love with shots, appealing to his inexperience. There’s no way that would have worked against Rodgers. The Chiefs had luck on their side.

11.-Las Vegas Raiders (5-3)

Last week: 8

The 19-year-old Raiders are 3-16 after a bye week. When the team moved to Las Vegas, they did so knowing that that trend may not change.

12.- New Orleans Saints (5-3)

Last week: 12

The New Orleans team had a chance to match the Buccaneers to the top of the NFC South and blew it. Coach Sean Payton started Trevor Siemian after Jameis Winston’s season-ending injury, but he was mixing it up with Tayson Hill and the experiment was not what was expected at the Saints.

13.- New England Patriots (5-4)

Last week: 14

Without the noise of having Tom Brady, the Patriots now look like a modest team but moving slowly through the standings. They fly under the radar but Bill Belichcik and his war tactics welcome it.

14.- Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)

Last week: 15

They got their 19th win in a row on Monday Night. They did it by surviving the Bears, who, while not part of the best teams, are still dangerous.

15.- Cleveland Browns (5-4)

Last week: 16

After losing three of four, the Browns came desperately into the game against the Bengals. Baker Mayfield threw two touchdown passes, Nick Chubb rushed for 137 yards to put a happy ending to a chaotic week.

16.- Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)

Last week: 10

For the second game in a row the Bengals not only lost but were filled with errors. Joe Burrow threw two interceptions and was sacked five times. It does not leave good feelings.

17.- Indianapolis Colts (4-5)

Last week: 20

It seems like it was a long time ago that they beat the Jets at the start of Week 9 and indeed it was a long time ago. But this victory drives them a few places in the rankings.

18.- Seattle Seahawks (3-5)

Last week: 18

They took a break and that was good because everything seems to indicate that Russell Wilson is back.

19.- Denver Broncos (5-4)

Last week: 22

They went to the home of the Cowboys to give him his second loss of the season, his first at home. Denver has beaten them seven straight, the longest active streak against any team.

20.- San Francisco 49ers (3-5)

Last week: 17

They could not take advantage of the fact that the Cardinals did not have two of their best men on offense. This team is spiraling downward.

21.- Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

Last week: 24

They snapped the Saints ‘three-game win streak, but more important to the Falcons’ reputation, they didn’t fall back atrociously.

22.- Minnesota Vikings (3-5)

Last week: 19

Close games and the Vikings don’t go well together. Minnesota losses always come when the game is on either side and it almost never goes with them.

23.- Carolina Panthers (4-5)

Last week: 21

Sam Darnold is a mess in New York, Carolina or the city where he plays.

24.- New York Giants (3-6)

Last week: 26

Daniel Jones threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Even Engram and Graham Gano added three field goals to surprise the Raiders.

25.- Philadelphia Eagles (3-6)

Last week: 23

The offense pushed a few wrong buttons and they couldn’t keep up with the Chargers.

26.- Chicago Bears (3-6)

Last week: 25

They came so close to beating Pittsburgh on the road, but they couldn’t. So far, the effort does not add up to the victory row.

27.- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6)

Last week: 30

The Jaguars earned their most recognizable victory in the Urban Meyer era by defeating the Bills 9-6. The ugliest game of the week, the most beautiful win for them.

28.- Washington Football Team (2-6)

Last week: 28

A week off for Ron Rivera’s team. Hopefully they have trained a little discipline.

29.- Miami Dolphins (2-7)

Last week: 29

They beat the Houston Texans, that’s not saying much nowadays.

30.- New York Jets (2-6)

Last week: 27

They were beaten by Carson Wentz’s Colts. Although they tried to return Thursday night, the deficit on the board was crushing.

31.- Houston Texans (1-8)

Last week: 31

This team needs a break. They weren’t competitive even against Miami. Tyron Taylor returned to control of the Houston offense, but it was no different than the six weeks he was absent.

32.- Detroit Lions (0-8)

Last week: 32

During Sunday one of the memes that caused the most laughs was in reference to the Lions and their bye week. As if it were a blackboard, the cardboard marked Bye’s week as winners over Detroits and well, that’s almost real.

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Power Rankings: Week 10; Titans and Patriots climb in the AFC, Cardinals regain the top