Players to watch during the NFL Combine

We’ll talk about some prospects to watch out for, not just the ones we already know will be picked in the top picks.

already started the NFL Combinewhere the players who will be available next Draft demonstrate their potential against professional teams hoping to find their next star.

We’ll talk about some prospects to watch out for, not just the ones we already know will be picked in the top picks, but the ones who have the most to prove or can move up the ranks.

Malik Willis QB

As I mentioned in my first Mock Draftthis year there is not a great crop of quarterbacks, so they will have to show their best qualities during the NFL Combine and try to stand out from the rest.

One of them is Malik Willis, whom I consider to be in the top five of his position, but I see it very difficult for him to be among the first three selected quarterbacks in the next Draft, so in the Combine he will have to stand out and everything will depend on his precision, because these days he declared that he will not run during the event. Although in his two seasons with Liberty he showed that he has quality as a passer by completing 377 of 604 passes, accumulating 5,107 yards and 47 touchdowns, it raises many doubts that he will not perform running exercises, which he will do until his Pro Day.

We should pay close attention to this quarterback and see if he has better performances than other prospects like Kenny Pickett, Matt Corral or Sam Howell.

Kenny Pickett QB

Continuing in the line of quarterbacks, it’s time to talk about Kenny Pickett, who I believe would be the first QB selected in the next Draft.

The former player from the University of Pittsburgh had a great closing in his college career by finishing with 42 touchdowns and 4,319 yards on 334 completions of 497. But beyond his game, much has been said about the size of his hands.

If he can take the eyes off his hands and extol his virtues as a passer by showing his vision, his arm and his ability to generate big plays, he will undoubtedly be fought by teams that need a QB.

Kenneth Walker III-RB

The Michigan State running back broke it during the 2021 season by rushing for 1,636 yards and 18 rushing touchdowns, but I don’t see him getting a first-round pick, even if none at his position will.

That is why during the combine he must demonstrate his skills and try to convince the teams that require a power RB not to let him pass and take him as soon as possible.

Walker III is full of energy, possessing great speed to evade his opponents and go through any space they give him, but he is not afraid to hit hard when necessary. He has shown great vision on the field and would make an immediate contribution in the NFL.

Greg Dulcich-TE

The tight end from UCLA must show during the Combine that he is an explosive and agile player, as they are areas of opportunity that could relegate him during the next Draft. But during his college career he showed that he is a player who knows how to run routes and position himself where he is most needed, capable of making profitable plays for his team.

In UCL he totaled 1,353 yards and 11 touchdowns with 77 receptions, showing that he has very safe hands, but is also capable of protecting his quarterback when required. He could be an interesting prospect.

Kayvon Thibodeaux-Edge

Thibodeaux must dispel any doubts they have about him during the Draft and show that he can be a key player in the team that chooses him.

And it is that they fear that the mentality of the player is a problem, because although on the field he shows his ferocity and aggressiveness, he also tends to give up very easily in the plays, which would cause concern in the teams that have him in their sights.

The Oregon defender finished his last season with the second-best percentage in pressure and had a total of 49 tackles and seven sacks

Chris Olave-WR

Olave is among the best receivers for the upcoming Draft and if he wants to climb the ranks he must excel during the Combine.

At Ohio State he showed his great ability to run routes and, above all, his extraordinary speed, but he has rivals who stand out a little more than him.

It’s good that he spent four years in college where several scouts, general managers and coaches pay close attention to it, his career as Buckeye ended with 2702 yards and 35 TD’s

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Players to watch during the NFL Combine