Pep Guardiola: “A Selection is the next step”

Spanish coach Josep Guardiola said on Wednesday that, as the next step in his career, he hopes to coach a soccer team “in a European Championship, a Copa América or a World Cup” once his time at Manchester City ends in England in 2023.

“A selection, yes. If the possibility is given, a selection is the next step. I have to take a break after seven years. I have to stop to see what we have done, learn from other coaches and maybe take that path. I would like to train in a European Championship, a Copa América or a World Cup “, said the Catalan coach at an event in Sao Paulo.

The 50-year-old coach said he has not thought about a specific team, although he praised the Brazilian team, led by Adenor Leonardo Bacchi ‘Tite’.

“What do I think of Tite’s Brazil? It is a fantastic team. Some are my players, others are rivals and I know them. Brazil is always a candidate, a favorite. It always was and always will be. It is part of the essence, of the culture”, said.

Precisely because of this condition and despite the fact that press versions have presented it on some occasions as a possible option for the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Guardiola believes that the green and yellow team will not be led by a foreign coach so soon.

“I think Brazil will always have Brazilian coaches, they are very good. I think it is very difficult for foreign coaches to lead the main teams in the world,” he said.

However, he defended that the mix between nationals and foreigners can be successful and cited the cases of Spanish and English football as examples.

“There is nothing better than learning with others. We have learned with Brazil and Brazil can learn with everyone,” he said.

Asked about his biggest challenges as a coach, Guardiola pointed out the “ego” of the players, the management of the players and the decision to choose who will make up the starting team, which can “demotivate” players who are not in the starting eleven. .

“The problem with our job as a coach is to choose 11 to play and 11 to stay in the stands. That is very difficult to manage (…) For me it is the most difficult thing in football, more than the techniques, the opponents, physical preparation, playing conditions, “he explained.

Therefore, he said that he tries to maintain a good atmosphere in the team, although he maintains a tough stance.

“I always tell them: if you are not happy, you have to go. Nobody forces you to be here,” he said.