Pedri: “It is normal for people to say that I am tired, but I always try to rest”

Pedri It is normal for people to say that I

Pedri analyzed the situation of the team 24 hours after beating Japan in the semifinals.

I imagined being where you are: “I would say to him that he is crazy, that it is impossible to play so many games in a club like in the Barça and in the selection of my country, it is a pride to be here”.

Brazil as a rival: “I would like to have a final with Brazil from the beginning and I have always liked to play against the best. It will be a difficult game, they play very well, they are very technical who like to have fun with the ball. They will play a game very complete”.

Personal performance: “I feel fine, I always try to contribute as much as possible with work or whatever and do what the coach tells me at all times. And to help my teammates, we have a great group.”

Honey from the Canary Islands: “I did not know that I can be the first gold medalist for Tenerife and I am proud to represent the Canary Islands. We are in a difficult concentration and I hope we have the opportunity to win, it is a very beautiful thing.”

Fatigue: “It is normal for people to say that I am tired, but what I try is to eat and rest well after each game, you have to rest as much as possible to give everything for the team.”

I wish before the end: “Mainly that we win, I have not imagined the game yet, I am not much about imagining the game, I am about living it.”

Culés with gold medal: “It is an honor to be here, it is impossible to compare with Messi or Neymar who have done a lot in football and to have the opportunity to win it is an honor. I will arrive and what they tell me.”

Win a gold or the Champions: “Being able to choose, I keep both, it is true that the Games only take place once, but I prefer both”.

Euro experience: “The experience of the Euro was a super nice experience that did not end as we wanted, but in every game you learn, my teammates have also lived a lot and have their feet on the ground, they know what they have to do.”

Olympic sportsman: “It’s crazy to see that all athletes always treat you very well, such as Pau Gasol. It’s a pleasure.”