Pedri is already enjoying his vacation

Pedri he has had an unbeatable season. He enjoyed his debut in the elite with the FC Barcelona, I disputed the Eurocup with Spain and won the silver medal in the Olympic games. However, he has not been able to rest and it is now that he is going to enjoy his vacations.

Between Barcelona and the Spanish team he played 73 games last season. Once LaLiga ended, he had to play the Eurocup in the middle of summer, reaching the semifinals. In addition, after the continental competition the Olympic Games were played next and the Canary Islands embarked for Japan, reaching the final and losing it to Brazil.

Pedri is the player who has played the most games in the 20-21 season, but the fact is that as soon as he returned from Japan, the young footballer enrolled in the Barça team’s training sessions. With Bara he has started the first two days of the league competition, but yesterday’s game was the last before going on vacation.

Today the canary has already started his vacation. So he made it known on social networks, posting a photo in which he is seen riding on a plane with one of his best friends. As Koeman acknowledged at a press conference, Pedri will have two weeks off and the idea is that he is available for the match against Sevilla.


Tribute in Tegueste

As soon as he landed in Tenerife, the young player went directly to the theater of his municipality, where some thirty people were waiting for him, including family, friends, political representatives and members of the municipality’s football team, which was his first club.

It’s crazy everything I’m living. I appreciate what is touching me “, commented the soccer player from Tegueste. In this line, he acknowledged that at first he was” ashamed “when he saw the FC Barcelona footballers,” but in the end they are normal people and you talk to them like friends”.

Pedri Gonzlez has stated that he tries to be “a normal uncle“, which is something that his parents have instilled in him, because” it is essential to have a good head. “