Patriots vs Giants LIVE today (22-14) | 08/29/2021

7:37 PM7 minutes ago

4th Quarter | 6:23

Nordin makes a field goal of 37 and the Patriots add another 3 more points.

7:29 PM15 minutes ago

4th Quarter | 13:00 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Glennon passed short right to Bachman for a total of 12 yards.

7:24 PM20 minutes ago

3rd Quarter | 0:26

Penny gets 3 yards on the run. But Patriots were penalized for a mask pull with 15 yards.

6:18 PM26 minutes ago

3rd Quarter | 5:36

Giants is forced to pitch for two points but Gano missed from 41 yards.

6:09 PM35 minutes ago

3rd Quarter | 6:26

Glennon throws a short pass down the middle to Bachman for 21 yards and leaving New York in the danger zone.

6:04 PM40 minutes ago

3rd Quarter | 9:06

Nordin completes the extra point in good form and the Patriots begin to build on their lead.

6:03 PM41 minutes ago

3rd Quarter | 9:06 TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS

Stevenson escaped down the left to get 9 yards into the end zone.

5:46 PM an hour ago

3rd Quarter | 12:16

Stevenson rushes to the far left and misses the two-point conversion.

5:45 PM an hour ago

3rd Quarter | 12:16

Starting the third quarter Jones finds Zuber with a short pass to the left with a total of 17 yards.

5:39 PM an hour ago

Great TD play

5:26 PM an hour ago

2nd Quarter | 0:32

Gano made the extra point good for the New Yorkers.

5:24 PM an hour ago

2nd Quarter | 0:36 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Great play by Jones that goes deep to Smith to get 23 yards and achieve the TOUCHDOWN

5:15 PM an hour ago

2nd Quarter | 2:00

Jones throws a short pass to the right to Engram but is again intercepted by Ross.

3:57 PM2 hours ago

2nd Quarter | 6:58

Nordin scores a 48-yard field goal that gives the Patriots three more points.

3:55 PM2 hours ago

2nd Quarter | 11:16

Excellent deep pass from Jones passed into K. Wilkerson who ended up gaining a total of 21 yards and the Patriots dangerously close.

3:49 PM2 hours ago

2nd Quarter | 11:28

With a third down and goal, Jones sent a short pass to the right looking for Engram, but was intercepted by Ross.

3:39 PM2 hours ago

1st Quarter | 0:00

The first quarter ends with a second chance and 12 for the Giants.

3:38 PM2 hours ago

1st Quarter | 1:20

Newton pass deep into the middle destined for Meyers INTERCEPTED by Martinez.

3:31 PM2 hours ago

1st Quarter | 3:23

Jones sends an incomplete short pass to the left to Slayton and there will be a fourth chance for the Giants.

4:18 PM2 hours ago

1st Quarter | 10:20

Patriots take the lead on the scoreboard with a 41-yard field goal, the charge was from Folk.

4:17 PM2 hours ago

1st Quarter | 11:35

Harris runs down the middle to the 26th for 18 yards.

4:12 PM3 hours ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

Giants vs Patriots game begins.
First offensive play for the locals …

3:49 PM3 hours ago

All ready for the game

3:46 PM3 hours ago

Patriots starting QB

3:33 PM3 hours ago

Giants starting QB

3:31 PM3 hours ago

Patriots want to take 3 of 3

3:26 PM3 hours ago

The last of preparation

3:21 PM3 hours ago

LIVE broadcast begins

3:16 PM3 hours ago

Do not detach from here

3:11 PM4 hours ago

How and where to watch the Giants vs Patriots

3:06 PM4 hours ago

Giants superiority in preseason

3:01 PM4 hours ago

Match schedule

The schedule for the game around the United States will be: 6:00 p.m. (ET), 5:00 p.m. (CT), 4:00 p.m. (MT) and 3:00 p.m. (PT).
For Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama: it will be played at 5:00 p.m.
Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil: 7:00 p.m.
While for Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic: 6:00 p.m. will be the right time.

2:56 PM4 hours ago

Watch out for this Patriots player

2:51 PM4 hours ago

Watch out for this Giants player

2:46 PM4 hours ago

Patriots keep getting better

2:41 PM4 hours ago

The Giants were close

2:36 PM4 hours ago

The game will be played at MetLife Stadium

2:31 PM4 hours ago

Teams with very different realities

This is the last week of preseason, which will leave everything ready for the NFL 2021 to start.
With the Giants, they will come to play against the Patriots as the victim on paper with a 2-game losing streak in a row.
For its part, the visiting team will go out with a two-win streak and will seek to do its best to start the regular season in the best way.

2:26 PM4 hours ago

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