Patriots vs Chargers: two quarterbacks on the rise

In this era of the NFL, the QB position has become the most important on the field, and in Week 8, the Patriots and Chargers give us a game starring two extremely good quarterbacks, in a clear promotion and that are still to come. discover your true ceiling as professionals. This is everything you need to know about the New England vs. Los Angeles game.

Justin Herbert vs Mac Jones, two quarterbacks on the rise

If things go according to plan, a new rivalry will be born in this match. The Patriots and Chargers may not be in the same division, but their quarterbacks are some of the youngest in the NFL. Both Mac Jones and Justin Herbert are just 23 years old, and the football rhythm they have shown so far suggests that they will be in the league for many more seasons, and that is where this matchup could become interesting as time goes by.

Let’s start with the Chargers (4-2). In just Herbert’s second season as a professional, the former Oregon player has thrown for 1,771 yards, 14 TDs and just 4 INTs, having Brandon Staley led fighting for the AFC West lead and as one of the most complete teams. of the entire American Conference; something that, for many years, Los Angeles could not boast.

However, the great offense is not just about Herbert. RB Austin Ekeler has 598 total yards and 7 TDs from scrimmage, having one of his best starts to the season in his five-year career. Additionally, WR Mike Williams is finally making a leap into the receiving elite, and he now has 498 total yards and 6 touchdowns under his belt.

However, not everything is colorful in Los Angeles; defensively they have impending trouble. The team has allowed an average of 162.5 yards rushing, the worst in the NFL in the field. In fact, their 975 total rushing yards is the most during the first six weeks of the season for the Chargers since the 1975 NFL Season. Fortunately, the Patriots’ running game is not very dominant on paper.

But in New England, the one who is playing at an exceptional level is rookie Mac Jones, who at the moment is probably the best quarterback in his class. With 1,779 total yards, 9 TDs and 6 INTs, with all his first-time errors, he has more yards thrown than many of the established NFL veterans, such as Ryan Tannehill, Carson Wentz, or even Aaron himself. Rodgers before his game yesterday.

Going face to face with names like the ones above speaks very well for a rookie who, in fact, after last week’s beating against the Jets, became the Patriots’ first rookie quarterback in the Super Bowl era to have a 300+ passing yards game with no turnovers.

However, the Patriots also still have many improvements to improve, and their 3-4 record proves it. The running offense of those led by Bill Belichick is the 23rd in the NFL with just 95 .4 yards per game, and RB1 Damien Harris just accumulates a total of 437 yards, although he comes from two consecutive games breaking the barrier of the 100+, so time is matching up the attack pieces.

Finally, as demonstrated up to this point in the year, the Chargers start as favorites to continue their incredible year. But could we see an unexpected setback next week? According to the story, it is very likely.

QB Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Patriots and Chargersupset alert?

The seasons go by, players come and go, but the numbers and the constants don’t lie. The Patriots have beaten the Chargers the last five games, and are an overwhelming 16-3 in the last 19 games. Additionally, New England beat Los Angeles 45-0 away last year, giving them the biggest loss in franchise history.

Another interesting fact is that, in his 21 career games in the NFL, Justin Herbert has thrown at least 1 touchdown pass in each of his games, except for one: the Patriots last season, where only completed 26 of 53 shipments for 209 total yards and 2 INTs; Undoubtedly, so far, the worst game of his short career, but he will try to get rid of that bad taste in his mouth this Sunday.

For reasons like the above, no one can miss this great showdown. It may be debatable, but so far Herbert has been the best quarterback in the 2020 Class, and Jones in the 2021, so witnessing a clash between the two so early in his career gives us the opportunity to witness the birth of a new one. it was in the American Conference and in the NFL.

Is Mac Jones and Justin Herbert a new rivalry to watch out for? Can the Patriots take away their contender status from the Chargers? We read you in the comments below this article and on our social networks.

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Patriots vs Chargers: two quarterbacks on the rise