Patrick Mahomes to make $ 45 million this season Who will next be among the highest paid in 2021?


The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback leads the list of the highest-paid players for the season that begins next week.

Patrick Mahomes is one of the leading figures in the NFL (Getty Images)


Patrick Mahomes is one of the leading figures in the NFL (Getty Images)

The 2021-2022 season of the National Football League begins on September 9 and with it the great figures of the league will take to the field ready to offer a great show and at the same time try to lead their teams to the Super Bowl LVI which will take place on February 13 in California.

In this season, as usual and despite the league having a salary cap, there are several stars who will be shining on the playing fields and at the same time they will be collecting incredible sums of money.

Here we present the top 5 of the highest paid players for the 2021-2022 season of the National Football League, a list in which only quarterbacks appear and, believe it or not, the two figures of the tournament are out Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) and Tom brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

5. Russell Wilson

The quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks It is the last in this list with the 35 million dollars that it will collect in the next season of the NFL. The 32-year-old, who is in his 10th season in the league (all with Seattle), carries on his shoulders the responsibility of leading the Seahawks back to a postseason. His numbers have been growing throughout his career and last season he finished with 40 touchdown passes (personal best).

Russell Wilson (Getty Images)

4. Deshaun Watson

The quarterback of the Houston Texans goes through a difficult time being investigated for allegations of alleged sexual abuse, which could leave him on the sidelines of the season that is about to begin. However, the player’s contract guarantees him $ 39 million for this 2021. Beyond the problems with the law, Watson comes from leaving good numbers in the last season in which he finished with 4,823 yards, the highest figure of the NFL. He also completed 33 passes for scoring.

Deshaun Watson (Getty Images)

3. Dak Prescott

The star of the Dallas cowboys He is another of the quarterbacks in this top 5. The player will charge 40 million dollars for which the alarms had been turned on during the training fields when he had presented some discomfort. Despite that, the quarterback is ready to start from the beginning of the season in which he has the goal of advancing to the playoffs.

Dak Prescott (Getty Images)

2. Josh Allen

The quarterback of the Buffalo bills is the second on this list thanks to the 43 million dollars he will collect in 2021. The player, who is in just his fourth season in the NFL He recently signed a millionaire contract with the team he will be with for the next six seasons. Undoubtedly a great bet on the part of the Bills who hope that the quarterback surpasses what he has done in 2020.

Josh Allen (Getty Images)

1. Patrick Mahomes

The first place on the list goes to the star of the Kansas city chiefs who in the middle of last year signed an incredible contract for more than 500 million dollars for the next 10 seasons. In this way, the quarterback will collect in 2021 the juicy sum of 45 million dollars being the highest paid player of the entire National Football League.

Patrick Mahomes (Getty Images)

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