Patrick Mahomes speaks after concussion in Kansas City Chiefs loss


The quarterback had to leave the field in his team’s loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Patrick Mahomes


© Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesPatrick Mahomes

It was one of the most disturbing scenes left by Week 7 of the 2021 season in National Football League (NFL), when the quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to leave the field during the defeat of Kansas city chiefs by 3-27 before Tennessee Titans.

With just over eight minutes to go until the end of the game, the quarterback was taken off the grid, accompanied by two assistants from the Missouri franchise, after a blow to the head, courtesy of the defensive end Jeffrey simmons, who hit him with his left knee.

Although it was thought that as a result of this incident, Mahomes was going to enter the protocol for concussions of the NFL, which would marginalize him for a few days from the grids, the Chiefs coach, Andy Reid, confirmed that this situation was not necessary, and assured that he took him off the field because “I needed a break”.

What did Patrick Mahomes say after his crash?

In sports, the quarterback is facing a negative streak for the first time in his career, with three wins and four lossesFar from avoiding comments about his performance, he made a self-criticism of his performance against Tennessee.

Today it was probably me; I was just pushing a little too early in the game. We got depressed and we were in that kind of no-crowd mode, where you don’t want to be in the NFL. You can run a bit, but drives are hard to maintain. I just have to be better at the beginning of the games so we don’t get left behind like we did todayMahomes said.

It should be noted that the quarterback is living a 2021 season for oblivion, well has received nine interceptions, three away from reaching the worst record of his career, in 2018; however, he has completed 67.8 percent of his passes, for 2,093 yards with 18 touchdowns.

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Patrick Mahomes speaks after concussion in Kansas City Chiefs loss