Patrick Mahomes is concerned about his season: “I have to be better”

The Chiefs’ QB needs to pick himself up from a 3-win, 4-lose season in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes is worried about coming out of the negative streak 3-4

By: Samuel Reyes

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Patrick Mahomes

is not satisfied with the season that the

Kansas city chiefs

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at this point and accepts that he let his teammates know that “he has to be better” for the ‘Chiefs’ to recover from their 3-4 record.

According to ESPN’s Adam Teicher, the quarterback spoke to his teammates, “I told them something, I have to be better,” were the words of the Chiefs’ starting quarterback.

“At the same time they have that mentality that they are going to try to strengthen me,” he assured, “It is something in which you are not going to give your best game in every game and it is at that moment that you have to trust your other teammates. to take a step forward and have them play for you ”.

How are the Kansas City Chiefs doing in the current NFL season?

The Chiefs’ start to the season has not been the best with 3 wins for 4 losses with an unstable season for the passer and that on Sunday he ended up hitting bottom against the Tennessee Titans.

Mahomes only completed 57% of his passing attempts and added 206 yards and went without touchdown passes and suffered an interception. Today his passer rating is 62.3 and it is the lowest number of his entire career.

“You can watch the video and know that I need to play better to be successful,” commented the player, “There were plays where the guys were open, others where we had confrontations where I couldn’t hurt the opponent and generally I’d give those guys a chance to make plays … ”Mahomes said.

Throwing interception in six straight games is weighing on him, and the 26-year-old is navigating unfamiliar waters but believes that small adjustments can help solve this forcefulness problem.

At the moment, the Kansas City Chiefs are third in the western division in the American Conference, led by the Las Vegas Raiders with 5 wins and 2 losses, followed by the Los Angeles Chargers with 4 wins and two losses and then the Chiefs with the identical record. with the Denver Broncos with 3 wins and 4 losses and out of the NFL Top 20.

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Patrick Mahomes is concerned about his season: “I have to be better”