Parity and closed games, goal met by the NFL until week 5

By Marco Antonio Legy Rodríguez (follow his project on Facebook: Direct Contact Sports).

How can the NFL continue to reinvent itself? How does the NFL outperform itself each year? Questions we can ask ourselves year after year, prior to the start of the season, thanks to players we are excited to see, teams that entertain us on a recurring basis or new values ​​on the rise. However, this year it seems that the league has a completely different twist: a competitiveness that makes games exciting from start to finish and that has this league at the top.

These are some goals achieved thanks to the NFL parity in 2021.

The number of spectacular closings in NFL games

During this season, the NFL seems to have succeeded in assigning the main games time and time again, but not only has that been the key: the product that we have received as fans throughout the Sunday day has not been owed anywhere. moment.

As proof of that, at this start of the season we have had 18 games with a winning touchdown in the last minute of the game or in overtime. Adding to the drama we’ve had, there have also been 21 games that have been decided by three points or less this season, tying the records of 2007 and 1998 (21 games).

Why have these “photography” closures occurred?

The aggressiveness that head coaches have shown on key calls is something to watch. For some the fourth chance is now used as a third, and on many occasions they tend to convert. In the same way, the decision of some to remain conservative and decide to kick long field goals has not been entirely effective, only in Week 5 16 FG were missed and also 13 extra points. Pure drama.

The NFL and Its Fans: A Perfect Match

Along with the dramatic endings, the rating that the NFL has been achieving is something spectacular and here we share some information about it:

  • NFL games are in the Top-21 most-watched television shows in America so far. No one else has.
  • Each game is averaging 17.3 million viewers on TV and digitally, increasing 17% from last season’s number.
  • The NBC network raised its game rating 24% compared to last year. CBS and ESPN were up 22%.

In conclusion, beyond the good, regular or bad step of the teams and individual players, criticism of the refereeing and various scandals on and off the field, the NFL as a whole is offering a competitive and spectacular product that is far from coming. to a saturation of spectators.

It will be very interesting to see how many records the league will continue to set in a season that had an extra game added to it, and the competitive level seen at this start to the season has been nothing short of spectacular. Now we ask you, what has been your favorite match so far? What moment do you stay with this season? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.